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The Aligner


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Created: Tue, Dec 8, 2020 10:29 AM

Imagine it was a match in your regional competition that would make or break your chance to get to World’s. You put your robot on the field only to find that one of the wheels is not turning. Your alliance calls a timeout, and your team scrambles to fix it. Then, you realize that the locking collar fell off and the axle is out of the motor. But every time you slip on the locking collar, it twists and falls off. You finally get it on with seconds to spare, but you don’t have time to tighten the set screw. You run to your match in a panic! Our team faced this situation last season. In the heat of competition, countless times we could not get the locking collar on the axle fast enough, inspiring us to find a creative solution. Please continue reading in our attached report...

Links / Videos

In this video we step you through how we came up with our idea for the Aligner and how we designed and printed the part.