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36637A - Back Lock


Entry ID #: 9082
Created: Tue, Dec 8, 2020 11:14 AM

The problem began to appear in Tower Takeover 2019/2020 Mission in VEX Robotics Competition. Our robot had a manipulator, which was collecting the cubes from the field. Manipulators mechanism had to be inside the dimensions due to the limitation of robot dimensions at the competition. At the beginning of the match, the manipulator opens until it became in the front of the robot, using  the Rubber bands. Last Year, while working on the Tower Takeover challenge, we faced a problem in the manipulator mechanism which was responsible for collecting cubes. The manipulator should be bent to the back at the beginning of the match in order to keep it inside the dimensions of the robot, and it was pulled by the rubber bands. Sometimes the rubber bands cut off. Thus, it made the manipulator has not a free movement. So, We designed a new part (Back Lock) to solve this problem. The idea of the Back Lock mechanism is similar to the idea of making a non-return mechanism. When the mechanism of the manipulators opened, the new part lock itself. Thus, it will be assembled well to the robot and helped us in the Mission of  Change Up 2020/2021

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