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Vex Lift Off


Entry ID #: 231
Created: Sun, Feb 13, 2011 10:57 PM

VEX Lift Off - Lift Off could just be the next seasons vex game. Using similar techniques to the last official game animations, this is an official seeming game that could have you thinking hard next season.


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   Totally Generic Name on 02/17/2011

The models and field look great, but the framerate looks like a stop motion video. Also, your sound seems about as choppy. The parts that have text are good though. The game seems fairly simple with limited depth. Scoring is straightforward, but it can only occur in three ways, and two of those focus around just a few small areas. Perhaps a way to incentivise certain gameplay strategies, or an element that has multiple purposes (like the ladder in Round Up) would be nice. I'm afraid that I can't give you the full score I might have if it had been up earlier. By the way, you also went over the 3:00 limit.

   LegoMindstormsmaniac on 02/17/2011

Cody; I believe the trailers you are referring to (the ones on his YouTube channel) are for a VEX Action Movie that they are hoping to come out with sometime in the future. (Actually now thinking about it you might have already known that, but whatever.) Now back on track to the animation, I thought it was good, I liked that you used the actual VEX parts to create the robots, gave them a more "real" feel to the game. The animation was good, but not good enough to call the best. I also disliked the audio more than anything else, really. Much better to record a live person talking than to use a program such as what you used, I have to say it was hard to ignore and was quite annoying to me personally. Everything else seemed pretty good to me, of course I'm not a master in the field of animation. But I did still think it was good. ~Jordan

   smartkid on 02/17/2011

I won't comment on this animation being late, that will be the RECF's decision. However, this entry has several weak points. Poor choice of audio, poor blending of audio, poor VO and choppy animation. The modeling looks good, however those parts can simply be imported from the VEX CAD library. Rendering quality is good, a good use of mental ray and it's abilities. This team has also obviously discovered some of the Autodesk A&D materials that I like to use. However, I have also spotted a few area's where shortcuts were taken to avoid rendering. While even I do this, I try to hide these moments and keep them as short as possible. One of the strong suits of this team is their ability to do motion graphics well. This is a useful skill and can add quite a lot to a production. The only issue is that this creates an emotional expectation that must be met. We all expect to see Transformers 3 from watching these teaser trailers, what we got wasn't quite up to par with Michael Bay's work. -Cody

   JayM on 02/15/2011

The teaser looks great and I'd love to see the animation, but I don't think it should be considered for the awards. I view the deadline just like all the other requirements. It would be the same as if someone posted a 4 minute animation instead of keeping the game description to 3 minutes. I remind my students that the competitions are not going to wait for them to have a working robot. If they don't have a functioning robot come competition day they won't be able to compete.

   LegoMindstormsmaniac on 02/14/2011

@murdomeek: If you look under 'Video' he says "Youtube has been acting up badly around my area lately. I have linked the account and the animation will be up within 48 hours.", so don't worry, it's coming. :)

   smartkid on 02/14/2011

You've been teasing us with motion graphics comparable to Andrew Kramer's work. You've release not one, but two teaser trailers, and it seems you jumped on board as soon as this challenge was issued. You asked the right questions and got the right answers. I have BIG expectations, bring the heat! -Cody