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Team 1138's Game Animation: Carousel Chaos


Entry ID #: 232
Created: Sun, Feb 13, 2011 11:15 PM

This is team 1138's game animation. After many hardworking weeks of brainstorming a game idea, we came up with "Carousel Chaos". This is a game that combines many awesome game objects with great animation. We hope enjoy team 1138's game animation, "Carousel Chaos".


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   Totally Generic Name on 02/14/2011

Nice job on this. The game was very good, although getting points for keeping someone in the goal and disqualifying them is probably sending the wrong message. It also would have been looked nicer with more realistic models and lighting, unless the visual style demands it. Explaining the strategy, like controlling the carousel, is a very nice addition. Good animation, and good luck.

   adpuetz13 on 02/14/2011

great job you guys, this would cause teams to be very innovative in robot design

   smartkid on 02/14/2011

Hello team 1138, First off, very nice voice over and sound quality. This is your strongest quality. Alright motion graphics work, however your title did not meld very well. Your game is neat however I feel as if the trapping rule is unjust. It would never fly in a real robotics game. Your animation was alright, watch for ghosting (where objects collide and do not react). It's up to you the animator to simulate or animate these objects, you can't just let them stay there. Look into smoothing groups. Your carousel was created from a cilender (which is fine) but when you extruded it you lost your smoothing groups, this is easily fixed with a modifier called "Smooth." Also look into Max's coordinate systems. There are many, and they help a lot! Overall this is a good animation, congratulations on a great learning experience. -Cody