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Capture the Jack- 1107B


Totally Generic Name
Entry ID #: 234
Created: Sun, Feb 13, 2011 11:39 PM

This is a Vex Design Challenge Game. The goal is to score jacks and balls into your goals. All jacks and balls are scorable, but having more jacks of your colour in your goal than the opponents have in theirs is worth extra points. Due to the placement of the jacks, teams will have to go to the other side of the field to acquire more jacks of their colour. I only first decided to this in January, so I had 6 weeks to do this challenge. Very hectic and sleepless. Thanks to teammates for their support.


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   user31621 on 03/02/2011

Very nice video. You had great animation and that game was pretty understandable. Though, GREAT JOB!

   smartkid on 02/14/2011

Kakit, All in all, a very nice animation. I enjoyed it! I tell everyone this, but see if you can get away from the standard renderer. Mental ray or renderman is soo much better but at the cost of rendertime. Obviously audio quality makes a BIG difference. Your work with the background tracks was fine, however you need to use a better mic for voice over. Your game is well explained and logical. Your animation backs up your narrative and your camera work is good. I got a kick out of the gravity gun mock, well played! Great work, hope to see you at worlds! -Cody

   575haiku on 02/13/2011

Definitely looks nice! and I think you guys have a good chance at placing. Congrats on finishing :)