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Girl Powered


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Created: Mon, Dec 7, 2020 12:56 PM

When you hear the words Girl Powered, what do you think of? Well, when I hear Girl Powered it makes me think of girls supporting students/classmates, having people try new things, and making people feel like they belong. Girls can do so much more when it comes to problems. On team 214F STUDS we have a total of three girls out of ten people. Those three girls are Mya Bryson, Hailey Hall, and I, Aubrey Baber. To be honest, us three girls actually do a lot for our team. When there are seven boys you already know that’s going to go down hill straight away. Most of the time they don’t like doing anything, but sometimes you just gotta tell them what to do.  Girl Powered is reflected in our team’s approach to robotics by leading when there is a problem with our robot or with an online challenge like this one. We do a lot when it comes to problems. We would rather fix a problem with a bunch of solutions than just one solution for a problem. When having multiple solutions you can always go to the next solution after the first one doesn’t work. With multiple solutions many people can work on one of the solutions while another person can work on another. Our team always wants to make people feel welcome. If people don’t feel welcome then what’s the point in making new friends. Making people feel welcome makes people happy and hopefully they will have a great day. We make sure everyone can ask questions when confused. We want to help people out not let them sit there not knowing what to do. We want them to understand what they are doing. When they understand then we know that we helped them. When we get confused we ask questions too. We don’t want to go through a problem and not know what to do that’s why we ask questions. We also want to understand so if we have another problem like that then we will know what to do.  Our team has an inclusive environment that attracts a diverse group of people. We have a mix of returning vs. new. It's the first year for four people on our team. For our first year we are doing everything we can to help to get everything done. One person has done robotics for two years. He does a lot for our team. He builds and programs. There are four people who have been in robotics for three years. They are experienced with roles on our team. Two people that have been in robotics for three years are drivers. Another person is a programmer. Then the last person is public relations. The people who have been in robotics for three years are more experienced than the ones who’ve been in robotics for one year. They help us most of the time when we get stuck because they have more experience than us. We have a virtual learner. He is actually coming back after Christmas break, but for him being offline is different than being in school. He can’t be with us to do things together. He is one of our best programmers, so him coming back will get him some time to practice programming. Our team is so happy that he can join us after Christmas break.  We all have various roles on our team. We have people who are new to their roles on our robotics team. We have our first year people new to their jobs. We also have people who are experienced new to some jobs that they haven’t done before. People are more experienced in some roles than others. People who have been in robotics longer have more experience in some roles than others. Some of our teammates have more than one role than others. Most of us have at least two roles on our team. We all contribute to all jobs. When one of us isn't here then one of us takes their job for the day or until they get back. Sometimes we switch on and off on jobs if one of us needs to do online challenges or something else.  On our team STUDS we have diversity of perspectives when changing our robot design. We have rebuilt our robot over three times because it either fell off the table or it didn't work. We have a variety of parts on our robot like beams, corner connectors, connector pins, gears, chains, brain, and motors. We also have a variety of colored parts. We have gray, pink, white, yellow, red, purple, and blue beams. We also have grey, purple, and blue connector pins. There are different sizes of parts. We have about beams from the size 2x2 to 2x16.  There is a diversity of perspectives in team chemistry on our team. We try new things even though we haven’t done most things before. Most of us one the team have never built a robot before, but we still try. We have been switching on and off to build the robot. When other teams ask for help we help the team. We basically are all one team  even though we are all split up into separate teams. We never stop doing tasks until they are finished. If we don’t get the task done then we will make time for the task to be finished the next day. We always want to get the tasks we have to do done and over with. When we have a problem we always keep trying even though we keep on having mistakes. If we do stop working when we have a mistake then how will we get anything done, but if we don’t stop working through a mistake we will find a solution. A solution is always important when you have a problem. If you don’t have a solution then how will you solve the problem?  We have a diversity of perspectives in ability to succeed in robotics. We help each other with problem solving when we are stuck and don’t know what to do. We want to work as a team not as an individual. We also work through all of our problems to find solutions. Finding solutions gets us to fixing our problems. When finding solutions we all go headstrong to fix the problem, so we can work on other problems that need to be solved. On team 214F STUDS our STEM role model is Mrs. Bowyer. She is our STEM role model because she helps us when we have problems. When we can’t find a way to solutions we ask Mrs. Bowyer or she guides us to a solution. Mrs. Bowyer will come straight away when we call for even, but not all the time. When she is working with another team and we call for her she will tell us that she will help us when she is done helping the other team. Mrs. Bowyer inspires us to have a more inclusive team/program by keeping us organized. She tells us to clean our boxes and pick up parts off the floor. She also labels part boxes so we know where to put the parts and to know where they go. Mrs. Bowyer also helps us on track to finish all of our tasks. She helps us stay on task to complete important assignments so we can finish them. Mrs. Bowyer helps us be resilient when we have trouble. She motivates us to not give up and keep on trying. 


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