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Girl Power Essay


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Created: Mon, Dec 7, 2020 2:57 PM

VEX IQ Girl Power By: Kaimbria, Penelope, Jonna, Karlee When presented with a problem, not every person is going to give the same solution. There are logical ways, rash ideas, and maybe something in between, but when working in a group, and especially a group with diverse people, you can hear everyone’s thoughts. By doing so, you can figure out the problem. Since I’ve joined the VEX program, I’ve been able to see so many different perspectives and ideas, and because of that, my viewpoint has changed.  Girl power is a common phrase, written on posters and banners, and sometimes flung around in a conversation. But has anyone fully observed the reality of it? To me, girl power is a show of strength, and proof that girls are just as smart and strong and capable as boys. They can do just as much as boys can, and possibly even more. In our all girl group, we put our heads together and are able to create great things.  Our team has made sure that we include everyone and let everyone do their part in building and working. We don’t discriminate, everyone participates regardless of what they look like or what their interests are. We also make sure that everyone is able to help reach our goals. The fact that there is a girl group may encourage others to join, especially if they were doubting joining.  We don't have roles. We are all equals and contribute equivalent amounts of effort to our project. If anyone has strong suits or experience in a related subject, we will let them take control in that area. This way, we are able to let everyone be involved, and we can create a wonderful end product of whatever we are working on.  Diversity definitely affects our work. We make sure to listen to everyone and try to include them. Diversity ensures that we will always have fresh perspectives and out looks on a certain topic. In life, there is always diversity around us. When we are able to embrace it, we will be able to create great things, just like our team has.  A STEM role model is Penelope. She worked hard last year and got the 1st place award for a video presentation for VEX. Her hard work helps motivate us, especially since she is on our team. Penelope is a very good example of how even a 7th grader is able to win an 1st place award, and reach hard to achieve her goals.  In conclusion, even though we are girls, we are able to do anything anyone else can do. When people like us are faced with a problem we will most likely have different answers, but we are able to accept the differences and create something amazing. STEM is only one of the many ways we can prove this. We have overcome the discrimination and are now able to prove that we are able to do anything.


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