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Created: Tue, Dec 8, 2020 9:12 AM

Have you ever thought about what Girl Powered means? Girl Power is essentially girls helping other girls to achieve a goal.   Girl Powered is a saying that uplifts and acknowledges girl's working together to achieve a goal in reference to self-determination, confidence, and empowerment. The act of girls working together in a team to make inspiring work. Girls supporting other girls, no matter what you look like, no matter what background you come from. It's about accepting the fact that you're a girl, especially back then and especially now, and girls need the support.   We have gotten mentors to connect with the robot to make sure everything is clearly working. Then the team all have their own parts in the robot, based on their skills. All of us do different parts of the project while helping each other out. Palm Lakes Elementary is one of the newer schools to the S.T.E.M competitions/program, our team is learning every day on how to improve and achieve our goals. We will continue to master and improve our work together. With the effort of our team, we will try to win the competitions and accomplish our goals. We will try our best to be a good team for each other, so we can fulfill our dreams. Each team member has been nice to each other and everyone does their part in the help of building the robot. More students will be able to join a safe group. We have put all our effort into working together and figuring problems out.    Our S.T.E.M role model is Mrs. Acuna she was our 4th-grade teacher and is the coordinator of SCEME in our school. She is the one that has helped us compete and guide us. We are truly grateful for her.   It can change our robot because others can see that our robot is different from the instructions (other stuff added). We can switch out some parts for other parts that can be more helpful than other pieces. It can be easier for our team chemistry to add new controls, codes, etc. It could still be a bit hard but, if we practice the control every once in a while, it will be much easier. It can help us succeed because if we add new parts that can make us take an advantage (for example, a claw or back claw). If we were to add a claw for the 2020 challenge, it would be a big difficulty since it isn’t about picking up balls, it's about picking up cubes. Now, if we were to add a crane, It would apply for the 2021 challenge, it can help us lift/stack the squares.   Overall, the VexIQ robot has been a great project for us to learn about robotics, science, programming, and what we will need to succeed in life. We have learned lots in general, which will help us in life as our future unrolls. At Palm Lakes Elementary we will complete the objective of representing all the students and teachers.   

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