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VRC Girl Powered Essay Challenge Sponsored by The REC Foundation


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Created: Tue, Dec 8, 2020 9:59 AM

VRC Girl Powered Essay Challenge Sponsored by The REC Foundation

Team 7983P: Diego Caceres, Jackson Dinsdale, Alex Felix, Huzaifa Khan, Jalen McBee, William Wooton


To be a Girl Powered team in our robotics group means not only accepting anyone into our team, but welcoming them as well. Being Girl Powered isn’t merely a definition but a teamwork mentality. There is a stigma that females aren’t supposed to be in STEM or robotics and our team’s response to this is that, we rather judge someone's capabilities and then figure out how to bring the best out of them by challenging them out of their comfort zone. Our team reflects these aspects by how we have progressed over this year. Our team bonded very quickly and we were able to establish roles in our team. Whether or not there is only one main builder or coder, other team members still participate and communicate with each other on what’s going on. Our push for this year was to encourage the team members to add another job to their regular role.




Our team in itself is very diverse racially and in our life backgrounds, and we strive to spread this same diversity and feeling of belonging throughout our schools program. To create this more inclusive environment, my team and I often request assistance from our fellow teammates from other groups. For example, in this very project I asked my friend Clara for assistance on our format, and she gladly gave us a few tips and suggestions. Simple acts like this and so many more that we take part in daily go to show how integrated our teams can be, and help us make our members feel included and equally valued in their own voices. Every opinion matters here at Centennial, and my team is dedicated to making sure that one ever feels otherwise.


Our team is a very diverse team, wreaking untapped skills. Each team member of Team P has their own great skill in their own field. To discover what each individual's talents we had to have every team member try different positions to see which a member excelled in. Every member had their hands on with programming, building, designing, and notebooking. After trying out different positions over time everyone naturally fell into their places where they belong. With the natural positioning of everyone, there was no conflict between members who wanted a specific position. On top of that in our team, we all experiment in all positions to help one another and to work efficiently and effectively with all of our experiences and skills. Our team is a well oiled machine with conflicts, which we persevere through and adapt. We also enjoy our time, smile, laugh, and build a magnificent robot for vex robotic matches hopefully in this quarantine life.


Diversity has changed our team chemistry, robot design, and the ability to succeed in a good way for a few reasons. Everyone in our team has different ideas for the design of the robot and how it’s going to work and look. We all try to combine some of those ideas into one design of how the robot is going to move, support its weight, and shoot the balls into the tower. A wide array of differing perspectives also allows us to see each other more for who we are as individuals, and enjoy each other’s company beyond just the robotics objective.

Especially, since we are in a pandemic when we try to meet up we try to make it fun while working on our robot or assignments that are for our group to finish. For our group we all have the same perspective on being successful in robotics and the future competitions that we will be taking place.




My STEM role models are the Wright brothers. The Wright Brothers inspire me because they formed a team to complete a challenge that everyone else thought wasn't possible. Sure people had made gliders, but no machine had ever been made to control such flight paths. The Wright brothers had proven it possible. They were the inspiration that caused a spark in my mind to join robotics. A spark that made me push towards my dreams of becoming a part of a team that also works with all of their knowledge and integrity. A team that can take it to worlds, and win at ease. A challenge that everyone else thought was impossible.

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