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Elizabeth alfonso GIRL-POWER


Entry ID #: 9288
Created: Fri, Dec 11, 2020 12:58 PM

I was 12 years old when i first joined the robotics club in my old school. This was a new club they started and i was fasinated with it. I have always liked building and programing things and functioning them. I joined the building and programing group of my team. In my team it was only composed out of 6 male students and 2 females which were me and my friend.Initially, i had faced resistance because they tough that robotics was for males and me and my friend really wanted to try something new and well it was a really scary experience for us. But we got in the team and they accepted us in with a really welcoming attitude. Till this day there more than 6 girls in our team . girl power is very fasinating to see how we girls stand out ground and were not afraid to be the first ones to try new things. We went to a STEAM competition unfortionatly we did not win but we were very happy because not everything is winning the most important things is that we were all together putting in hard work and trying our best and we had fun. I want to thank my teacher Ms. Morris for always believing in me . She gave me the confidence i have today to keep chasing my dream of becoming an acricultural engeneer. My team and i have encoraged many other girls and boys to Followe there dreams and trying new things even if people believe you can't do it. Till this day i have been fasinated on how since time passed more and more girls are joining the team. Its very inpirational to see that as a team everything can be done. 




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   parafruit on 12/11/2020

Thank you for sharing