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Girl Powered:Sisters in STEM


Entry ID #: 8297
Created: Wed, Dec 2, 2020 2:45 PM

Girl Power Initiative has influenced our team in many ways. In this essay,we mentioned an event called "Sisters in STEM" which we increase girls ' access to robotics and science,our improvement both in STEM field and the relationships between us as team 55326V,and how this process positively affects us and leads us to success and happiness. As girls we are proud of being a part of this huge family,the robotics community! Entrants:Eftelya Şentürk,Ayşenur Duman,Simay Büşra Gers Team:Vortex Electra 55326V Word Count:986

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   recfoundation on 12/15/2020

Good Luck!

   NeyDersiHocası on 12/15/2020

Ney Hocası olarak tebriklerimi şöyle suniyim:

   FeritS on 12/12/2020

Go ladies ... Just it done.

   Gür on 12/12/2020

Kalbimiz sizinle başarılar Eftelya.

   Volkanal on 12/12/2020

Love you all , I’m proud of you ☺️