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27301A Girl Powered


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Created: Wed, Dec 2, 2020 8:04 PM

27301A Girl Powered “Robo Rebels” Joelle Angelica Evasco, Josiah Omoso, Terryan Uyeno Overview of the Team Active promotion of STEM to all genders: ● 27301A wishes to educate the Wai’anae community, especially women, about STEM and Engineering. ○ This is because we know that both subjects can lead to a stable future. ● 27301A hosts communal STEM related events. ○ Such as robotics spaghetti nights ■ During these nights, we give off robotics demos and provide insight on our STEM experience. Team Beliefs Encouragement to step out of your comfort zone: ● Other members of our team promote and support those who wish to try out a different role. ○ Members are supported by their peers if they decide to take on a new role. A past programmer will coach the new programmer if they have any questions. All members encourage each other to try new roles by showcasing its importance and what that role contributes to the team. ● Members are not limited to one role. ○ The majority of our team members hold up to at least 3 roles. Team Beliefs (Continued) What “Girl Powered” Means to Us: Gender equality and equal opportunities in Engineering. ●  Engineering helps to promote STEM and a higher level of thinking. ●  These benefits shouldn’t be given to one specific gender. Our team actively promotes Girl Power. ●  Our team is led by women ●  Roughly a 2:1 ratio of women and men in our team ●  Both genders actively participate and share ideas ●  Defy gender norms Promotion of Engineering: ● 27301A wishes to create an environment where both boys and girls have the same experience and opportunities in engineering. ○ Robotics spaghetti nights (where we do a mini panel and demo our robots and share our experiences in VEX), scrimmages with other teams, and promotion of VEX and their team outside of school (fundraisers). Meet the Team Joelle Angelica Evasco: 2nd Year Captain, Designer/Journalist, Scout, Programmer ● I joined VEX in 2019 when I was seventh grade. Over the years, I’ve learned how to program and design robots. I enjoy being able to create a robot that solves the problem it was designed for. Of course, there was a ton of trials and errors, like robots breaking and programs not responding, but they have helped me to further develop my problem solving skills! Josiah Omoso: 2nd Year Designer, Builder ● I joined VEX in 2019, when I was in seventh grade. During that time, I was learning how to be a better driver and builder. As a result, I have gained many experiences driving such as delaying the other team, scoring as fast as possible, and defending our goals. However in 2020, I am trying to focus more on building. Meet the Team (Continued) Terryan Uyeno: 1st Year Driver, Designer ● I joined VEX in the summer of 2020. Since this was my first year, I had my doubts. Some of them being if I was able to participate and contribute to my team. This prevented me from reaching my full potential. However, as time went on, I became more used to the engineering process. This resulted in me becoming more involved with robot design and team activities. I still have a lot to learn, but I know that my team will guide me through. Diversity in Perspective Increase in Ideas: ● 27301A has a wide variety of designs and ideas due to the number of members on our team. ○ Members frequently share their perspectives, which in turn creates a project with various pieces of evidence and claims. Increase in Understanding: ● 27301A’s understanding of STEM and Engineering is vast, all thanks to its members. ○  The reason why our knowledge is extensive is because most of our members have prior knowledge from their first year. ○  Members that are more skilled in an area aid those that are confused and vice versa. This helps increase 27301A’s duality. ○  Our team and its members can take on any problem thrown in our way. STEM Role Model Maria da Penha Bio-Pharmacist: ● In Brazil, her duty is to help patients with biological needs. They do this by performing laboratory research. These scientists study bacteria or fungi. This is to gain further knowledge on the fight on prevention of disease. Woman’s Rights Activist: ● She preaches that women can do anything they set out their mind to do ○ She also claims that, “no one should stop you from achieving your goals, and that you are the boss and your opinion matters.” Like Maria, 27301A wishes to promote women’s voices and join the fight against disease. Credits Team: 27301A - “Robo Rebels” Team Members: Joelle Angelica Evasco, Josiah Omoso, Terryan Uyeno Author: Joelle Angelica Evasco Editors: Terryan Uyeno

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