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“Girl Powered”, a symbol of equality and female perseverance.


Samantha G.-H.
Entry ID #: 9127
Created: Tue, Dec 8, 2020 11:44 AM

As a young female, I’ve always wondered why full equality hasn’t yet filled our society. Is the time not right? In fact, it is, we as the future generations of the human race have it in our hands to change our society. Even if it’s one step at a time. As a team member of 3249R, we value everyone's own spice and we encourage one another fully without bias of race or gender identity.

My team members and I, throughout the many years we have spent together have created an inclusive environment for all. I, a Mexican-American enjoy spending time with Jace L. an American of Chinese descent. While we have distinct cultures we enjoy discussing similarities and differences in our culture and languages. Jace and I have been on the same robotics team since 7th grade, 2 years ago. We began robotics as 6th graders eager to learn more about STEM. Together we have taken the initiative to create an inclusive environment for all students who join our team. By sharing our cultures, ideas and becoming part of the leadership team. We have found success by looking at the world through each other's lenses. Each day we come to practice we learned something new about robotics, each other, and ourselves.

To be a Girl Powered team means that everyone in our team is actively inputting their ideas and designs to the team folder, where we can all discuss the potential. I ( a female) have previously been the President and Vice President of the club. To me, this means that iTech Robotics is an inclusive space where people can come together. 

Jace is our team's coder and main builder. I am the team's designer and notebook manager. Together we strategies for the games and tournaments. Whenever we need help or advice we can always ask each other or a mentor/coach and they will help us to the best of their abilities.

Together as an iTech team, we work together tirelessly to motivate each other every step of the way towards our future goals. When we won the Excellence Award it was one of the best feelings in the world. We felt that our hard work had finally paid off.

A female I look up to who works in the STEM field is our dear teacher, coach, and mentor Ms. Cyndy Hagin. She is one of the most special and engaging teachers, together we have spent countless hours discussing new ideas and ways we can help the community. She is always inviting iTech Robotics students to community events where we can showcase our amazing bots and achievements. I truly believe knowledge is power and Ms. Hagin has a lot of power. Although she has gone through tough times she always finds a way to persevere and succeed. That is why I look up to her.

“We are a little different here” is iTech’s unofficial slogan because here at iTech Robotics we strive to become the problem solvers of tomorrow. We enjoy collaborating with our team members and supporting each other with our accomplishments. Our teachers always mention that in order to succeed we need to first make mistakes and those mistakes are apart of the path. Our team is communicating with each other before, during, and after robotics practice. To keep ourselves motivated we send videos of each other throughout the summer of places we have visited. Including Washington DC and China where we look for the similarities and differences in cultures. Through these trips, we find new experiences that help the overall success of our team. Looking back to our 7th-grade year we see that our communication has increased and because of it, we have been more successful and more open to each other's ideas. We have been able to openly say what we do and don’t like. Looking back at 8th grade. I know that my team and I can have success if we work hard and most importantly communicate with each other. I thank VEX Robotics because it has created an opportunity for students across the globe to come together and collaborate to create the Problem Solvers of Tomorrow. 


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