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10565B - "We Are Pink Menace"


Entry ID #: 8879
Created: Tue, Dec 8, 2020 12:28 AM

"We Are Pink Menace" by 10565B We are 10565B (Pink Menace), a passionate team of three seniors and a junior from southwest Ohio. All of us have been in VEX for at least three years now, but for our first year participating in the Promote Award Online Video Challenge, we decided to demonstrate, through day-to-day clips of us working on the bot, the basics of how a VEX Robotics team functions, and hopefully illuminate what VEX is all about. Each of us have a section of the video dedicated to our own specialized skill on the team, which gave everyone an equal opportunity to express what they do to help the group as a whole. Producing this video has been hard, as many other things have, given the circumstances this year, but we pulled through and managed to get this out just in time. A big thanks to everyone that helped, and we hope you enjoy!


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Our video entry for the 2021 Promote Award Online Challenge