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The End of an Era - CMAA Farewell Video


Entry ID #: 8978
Created: Tue, Dec 8, 2020 9:10 AM

Our team decide to speak in our familiar language "Cantonese" and English. We are hoping that everyone will understand the message that we bring in the video.    The most interesting part in our video is using a function in Apple device called Memoji to represent our members face. Since the COVID-19, we cannot go to school and take video together. Therefore, we use Memoji to create our face and take a group photo together. Finally, it makes our thumbnail more interesting. This is a new try for us.   Hope you enjoy our video and thumbnail. Please give us a thumb up to support our creation.   From being a newbie with greenhorns to failing, winning, and failing again. We did not come back from these few years empty-handed. We have finally gained ourselves a spot in the world championships! Though we would’ve loved to stay, it’s time we bid farewell to this stronghold, this rock of a family, and move on with life.  Willingly and unwillingly, we pass our beacon to those who follow in our footsteps, to which we also pass the responsibility of surpassing us, continuing our legacy, and becoming the champions of the world.


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