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VRC Promote Award Online Video Challenge

The Promote Award is presented to a VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) or VEX U team that has created and submitted an outstanding promotional video. The goal of this video is to help the team introduce itself in the community, to help recruit new students and mentors, and to gain support for the team. This video may be about the team, the program, the competition, the design and build process, the robot itself, or any theme the team believes can help promote its VEX Robotics program in their community.


Robot Slayers


Robot Slayers 4216B are ready to make you a part of our family.

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Meet the Team


In this video, 7983S introduces themselves and gives their role on the team. A brief demonstration of the robot is given and Some team members also give their opinion on this year's competition. 

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"Being the Change" - 97101G


Our Promote video highlights the VRC competition from our perspective—as an all-girls team. STEM-oriented careers and fields are largely male-dominated, and we seek to change that by creating an environment that is friendly for young women at our school. By using the valuable opportunities that VRC and VEX provide us, we seek to bring change to the biases and stereotypes in society.

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80X Change Up Promote Video


We are 80X Dark Phoenix part of Vexmen from Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. This is our Change Up Promote Video. 

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Decabots Promote Award Entry


We are a girl-powered team from ─░stanbul, Turkey. For most of us it is our first year in VRC. In our promote video we wanted to show that our team spirit and our memories will live from generation to generation. The making process of this video was very entertaining as much as it was hard for us to meet in a pandemic. Hope you like it!

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Why should you do robotics?


This is team 96671X's entry for the VRC Promote challenge in the 2020/2021 season. Limited by circumstances of 2020, much of the footage was shot earlier in the year during late-season Tower Takeover. Pandemic or not, however, here's our answer to the question: why should you do robotics?

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10565B - "We Are Pink Menace"


"We Are Pink Menace" by 10565B

We are 10565B (Pink Menace), a passionate team of three seniors and a junior from southwest Ohio. All of us have been in VEX for at least three years now, but for our first year participating in the Promote Award Online Video Challenge, we decided to demonstrate, through day-to-day clips of us working on the bot, the basics of how a VEX Robotics team functions, and hopefully illuminate what VEX is all about. Each of us have a section of the video dedicated to our own specialized skill on the team,...

Promote Award Video Team 7983R


Team 7983R's Promote Award Video

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Join Us--Your Future Awaits


This is team 1868N's entry in the VRC Promote Award Online Video Challenge 2020. Many of our team members highlight the various aspects of being a Space Cookie, and we encourage others to become one too.

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A Page into VEX Robotics


VEX Robotics has been such a fun program for us. That is why we want to share our experience with others who have a similar passion and want to try out robotics. Using a combination of animation and video footage from our VEX involvement, we made this short video introducing the VEX Robotics program as a whole. Hopefully, this can help inspire students of all ages to try out not only robotics but also other STEM activities.

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The Importance of Robotics


A video documenting the importance of robotics, and the sublevels of careers and roles available in the field.

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Vex Robotics in our lives


VEX Robotics develops a love for robotics, helps you to look for more opportunities, and what STEM education brings. Increses teamwork and leadership. Emphatizes in girl powered. Inspire, motivates, and prepare for the future. VEX Robotics is everything for designinig, building, programming, strategies, and awards. Experience the engineering design process, creating brainstorming, constructing the robot, trying the robot, competing, getting better, and aknowledge the errors. Our mentor is with us in all of the process and competitions. He supports, advice, and support us! The awards make...


Vex Promo by Northbrook


This Promo was created by me a student of Northbrook Middle School. In my promo I advisertise 2 of 3( because of time) things that make the challenge like the competetion and the coding. I also mention dificulty and teamwork. I would include more but I didn't have enough video representation/ Clips to represent because I did all of this from home, because of safety.

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IBSH Team Recruitment Video


IBSH is a Billingual School in Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan. 

We are a rookie team started in September 2020, and Believe we can bring more STEAM and Robotics education into our school and later into our local area of Hsinchu Science Park. 

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The End of an Era - CMAA Farewell Video


Our team decide to speak in our familiar language "Cantonese" and English. We are hoping that everyone will understand the message that we bring in the video. 


The most interesting part in our video is using a function in Apple device called Memoji to represent our members face. Since the COVID-19, we cannot go to school and take video together. Therefore, we use Memoji to create our face and take a group photo together. Finally, it makes our thumbnail more interesting. This is a new try for us.


Hope you enjoy our video...

Thank You Vex (FHS 9421V Vex Promote Video)


This video features our organizations efforts and what Vex has done for us.

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Promotional Video for NDA's R2G2

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This video is about how vex help to us in improvement.

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36637A - ROBOPOWER Promote Video


The ROBOPOWER team, at VEX Petro Robotics Club and IEEE Suez Region E IRHS, created this video to promote our projects, programs, training, and participation at VEX Worlds from 2015 until now. This year, we had a great season working with robots and impacting our community. Our work was based on:

1- Equipping youth and pre-college students with the skills needed to excel in the industrial fields.

2. Working to provide them with the technical skills which are necessary to prepare an innovative generation.

3. Advancing...

Our Journey Through VEX Robotics


The Circuit Breakers (team 90707C) have created a promotional video for VEX VRC which highlights the many things they experienced and learned in their first year of VEX VRC working as a team in the Girl Scouts of NorCal / Google program to promote STEM awareness among girls.

Check out our exciting experience of VEX building and competition here (!

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VEX in Quarantine


Every year is challenging but this year even more so!

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Vex Robotics Promotion Challenge


VEX is an amazing program. We chose to focus on promoting skills, the competition experience, and VEX in general. We had lots of fun creating this even through the trials of 2020. Thank You VEX Robotics!!

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The Future Is HERE


Our VEX Team believes that the students of today’s generation hold the power to change the future. We believe this is made possible through organization such as VEX, who provide students with the opportunities to create their futures. This project was made by Asilah and Nyla, and features all the members from our team. The future is in our hands. And that future, is HERE.

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VRC Promote Award Video 2021 ( 99157B )


The IronMechs 2.0 wanted to promote their team and VEX Robotics this year by showcasing all they have done this season outside of competitions. In our online meetings we have continued to learn programming and robotics design principles through the use of Autodesk Inventor, VEX code, VEX VR, and more. This year has caused a lot of change and we used this season to learn a variety of new skills.

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Competitive Robotics at WPI


WPI's VEX U program consists of a fully student-run team that spans numerous majors and backgrounds.We provide a flexible space for undergraduates to learn, contribute, and compete on their schedules, so that anyone can apply their knowledge and passion for robotics in a fun, team-centered environment. Even in the midst of COVID-19, we have found creative ways to on-board new team members and build competitive robots in a safe and inclusive manner.

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750B 2020-2021 Promote Award Entry "This is sB...


Our music video this year goes through South Brunswick's approach to continuing Robotics education during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how our team perseveres despite the limitations instituted on account of it. If anything, the virus has taught us that all time is precious, and that throwing away a whole year is not an option.

We hope to inspire other teams who may feel that this season is a "lost cause" and that giving up is their only option. At the end of the day, the season will only amount to as much as we put into it. Therefore, each and every one of us has a...

"We are BVH Robotics"-Marcello Garbo


We are BVH Rovotics. We are family. We are the future. We aspire to educate and inspire our community through programming, engineering, and design.

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8995T Trojans Promote Video


We are a high school robotics team that likes to be challenged. We want to contantly use our minds to be creative an absorb knowlege. We would like to represent our school: Metea Valley High school. Our team 8995T created and produced this whole video. 

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