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VRC Promote Award Online Video Challenge

The Promote Award is presented to a VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) or VEX U team that has created and submitted an outstanding promotional video. The goal of this video is to help the team introduce itself in the community, to help recruit new students and mentors, and to gain support for the team. This video may be about the team, the program, the competition, the design and build process, the robot itself, or any theme the team believes can help promote its VEX Robotics program in their community.




We are 5327V. We have team members brand new to robotics , have been doing this for all of high school , and in between. Those with more experience are activity oriented members while those with less are task oriented members. Activity oriented members set goals for each aspect of robotics like building or programming while task oriented members rotate through the groups, adding their input as they switch monthly. Everyone gets a say on our team because of the Gantt Charts and Task Lists we use. Everything we do on 5327V is a step in the design process. From brainstorming, decision...

A Letter to Vex Robotics


"A Letter to Vex Robotics" is team 39K's submission to the Promote online challenge.

Thank you!

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BCAMSC Robotics Video


Who We Are

The Battle Creek Area Mathematics and Science Center in Battle Creek, MI is proud to host two VEX Robotics high school competition teams: Teams 2581B and 2581P. Both began in 2011 and first competed in the 2011 VEX Robotics game, Gateway. Since then, both teams have consistently included between four and ten members ranging from freshmen to seniors. Team members take on the roles of programmers, engineers, drivers, physicists, and strategists, or a combination of the above. Any student attending the Math...

Robotic Promotional Video


Online Promotional Video

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This is RMS Robotics: The Journey


This is Team 95070A's submission for the 2021 Promote Video Challenge. Enjoy!

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Weston VEX: Teammates!


This video was created by middle schooler Eliot Thompson, grade 8, at Weston Middle School as a promotional video for our school team. 

The theme for our video is Teammates!

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839A Promote Award Online Video Entry


This is our entry of team 839A.


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Team New Dawn - Bentonville West High School...


Representing Bentonville West Robotics, this is Team "New Dawn". Thank you! There is more information in the Youtube Video, and description.

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HML Trojanbots Video


Hialeah Miami Lakes SHS  Video  Challenge


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Vex Promote challenge


This is our VRC 20-21 Promote Video Challenge submission. We worked hard on creating, recording, and editing the video. We hope you enjoy it!

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Vex Robotics 2020-2021 Promote Award Challenge-...


This is our entry for the Promote challenge. The text may be a little blurry but I did my best to fix it. 

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