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VRC Promote Award Online Video Challenge

The Promote Award is presented to a VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) or VEX U team that has created and submitted an outstanding promotional video. The goal of this video is to help the team introduce itself in the community, to help recruit new students and mentors, and to gain support for the team. This video may be about the team, the program, the competition, the design and build process, the robot itself, or any theme the team believes can help promote its VEX Robotics program in their community.


"This is VRC"


Using our own original music and video editing skills, we filmed a video, featuring our Sammy whose name is Scott, for a showcase put on by the Home Educators Resource Center (HERC) in Bakersfield. Though the showcase has not yet taken place as of this submission, we plan to display our robot (Fred) and his capabilities, as well as show this video in the hopes of both gaining intrerest for VEX and STEM. We are all seniors, and as we are an independent team, we have no source of new members as a public school would. In the future, we hope to move our team into the wider homeschool...




Semi new team here.  Last year was our first year and the robots didn't arrive until two weeks before the first contest.  So we made it to the contest and our middle school team made it to the quarter-finals with a Clawbot.

We had no knowledge of coding at this point and relied on the kindness of other teams.  We had fun and it was educational.

This year we have learned a lot more about coding using Chromebooks and the VeX VR program, using the online tutorials.  Then we switched to the V5 Coding.  We hooked up the Chromebooks to the robots...




Another year of having fun and learning about robotics.

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8838D Spark's Promote Challenge Video

Murad Malik:)

This is Team 8838D's Promote Challenge Video. Enjoy! [Recommended Volume is ~30%]  :)

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Female Voices: Empowering Girls In STEM


We are an all-girls middle school leveled VRC team that aims to spread the excitement of STEM to girls around the Bay Area! COVID19 may have brought us apart physically but through Zoom, we are still able to work as a team and have fun. Now more than ever, there is a need for STEM in our society. And while following COVID guidelines and keeping six feet apart, we are building a stronger tie with robotics, and one another. This video shows us working online and appreciating everything VEX has brought us. 

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The Fort Davis Robotics Success Story


Follow the journey of a group of students as they band together to complete tasks and solve robotic problems. Learning in a small school with old tools and equipment forces this team to think creatively. After discovering a recurring issue with their robot, they return to the drawing board to identify the problem and attempt to solve it. With each other’s help, creativity, and support, the rag-tag team completes the challenge!

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3496B Design, Build and Code.


Please enjoy my video featuring a montage of my classmates working hard on their robot for this 2021 season!

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4154V Promote Video USSR


This Video highlights the build and coding of team 4154V USSR  University School Sharks Robotics. We are from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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20785B | Promote Award Video: "We are HyperDrive"

HyperDrive Robotics

We are HyperDrive Robotics. In our video, we take a look at how our team got to where it is today, and how the VEX Robotics experience has given us opportunities that we couldn't have had elsewhere.

We hope you enjoy watching our video!

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Cougarbots 8301B: Community


The Cougarbots are the VRC Team at San Ysidro High School, from San Diego CA. We have a lot of fun designing, building, and programming robots for Vex Robotics Competition. We truly believe that our club has something for everyone. 

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Robotics Cultivates an Exemplary Team!


We are the Sandpiper Hexperts, 2657A, a new VRC team comprised of a diverse group of five students with different interests, experience and skill levels. We have incorporated the theme of Harry Potter into all of our online challenges in keeping with our team name. In our Promote Video submission, we reflect on what comprises a growth mindset - mentorship, competition, creativity, logical thinking and discipline – which we believe are essential to a successful team. We hope that you enjoy our video, "Robotics Cultivates an Exemplary Team!"

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Our VRC Journey


We are a team in Los Angeles, California. Last year was our first year of VRC. Since then, we've learned so much about about robotics thanks to our mentors and peers.

For this video, we used original footage, music, and animation and edited it using Adobe Premiere.

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7983X The Stolen Robot


We are a robotics team in Bakersfield California apart of the centennial robotics program. That have been working on are robot for a while.

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More Than Just Robots


This is a quick peek into what we do for robotics as the Proto-Knights of James B. Castle High School in Kaneohe, Hawai’i.  The VEX team is our newest addition to our STEM Club and it is really captivating to see the robots that have been built from just parts and ideas work and complete the given tasks.  To see your own time and effort have a physical product like this is an experience that we believe every student should have because it lets them see the bigger picture that there will always be times when it feels like nothing is working, but with some collaborative...

Revere Robotics


A video introducing our team and telling others why robotics is a fun class to take in high school.

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VEX Brought Me Here - 98807A Promote Online...

Grant Cox Fanclub 98807A

Want to take those important steps towards your future STEM career? Join VEX Robotics.

Over the past few years of being in VEX Robotics, we have gathered memories and learned important lessons. Using videos from years past, this video was created in quarantine by three of our team members. We hope to inspire people to join VEX by showing how the STEM skills, and the life skills, that you learn in robotics are invaluable and will not cease to be influential in the way you view problem-solving and the world as a whole. 

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T for Teamwork


Team 7983T has made a comedic video for the VRC Promote Award Online Video Challenge showcasing their team dynamic.

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7983A "Albatross Rising"

Naomi Langer

An intense trailer for 7983A

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Why You Should Join Robotics


VRC Promote Award Online Video Challenge

We all got together as a team to try to persuade new people to join not only Robotics but our Family.

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Empires aren't built in a day. To build something truly worthwhile, it takes time, energy, and work. The end result, though, is nothing short of magnificent. VEX robotics opens the door to endless discovery and ambition, passion, and perserverance.

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Lakeside Robotics 4216A


Lakeside Robotics 4216A is a new team looking to grow with you.  Come Join us!!!

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Robot Slayers


Robot Slayers 4216B are ready to make you a part of our family.

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Meet the Team


In this video, 7983S introduces themselves and gives their role on the team. A brief demonstration of the robot is given and Some team members also give their opinion on this year's competition. 

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"Being the Change" - 97101G


Our Promote video highlights the VRC competition from our perspective—as an all-girls team. STEM-oriented careers and fields are largely male-dominated, and we seek to change that by creating an environment that is friendly for young women at our school. By using the valuable opportunities that VRC and VEX provide us, we seek to bring change to the biases and stereotypes in society.

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80X Change Up Promote Video


We are 80X Dark Phoenix part of Vexmen from Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. This is our Change Up Promote Video. 

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Decabots Promote Award Entry


We are a girl-powered team from ─░stanbul, Turkey. For most of us it is our first year in VRC. In our promote video we wanted to show that our team spirit and our memories will live from generation to generation. The making process of this video was very entertaining as much as it was hard for us to meet in a pandemic. Hope you like it!

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Why should you do robotics?


This is team 96671X's entry for the VRC Promote challenge in the 2020/2021 season. Limited by circumstances of 2020, much of the footage was shot earlier in the year during late-season Tower Takeover. Pandemic or not, however, here's our answer to the question: why should you do robotics?

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10565B - "We Are Pink Menace"


"We Are Pink Menace" by 10565B

We are 10565B (Pink Menace), a passionate team of three seniors and a junior from southwest Ohio. All of us have been in VEX for at least three years now, but for our first year participating in the Promote Award Online Video Challenge, we decided to demonstrate, through day-to-day clips of us working on the bot, the basics of how a VEX Robotics team functions, and hopefully illuminate what VEX is all about. Each of us have a section of the video dedicated to our own specialized skill on the team,...

Promote Award Video Team 7983R


Team 7983R's Promote Award Video

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Join Us--Your Future Awaits


This is team 1868N's entry in the VRC Promote Award Online Video Challenge 2020. Many of our team members highlight the various aspects of being a Space Cookie, and we encourage others to become one too.

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A Page into VEX Robotics


VEX Robotics has been such a fun program for us. That is why we want to share our experience with others who have a similar passion and want to try out robotics. Using a combination of animation and video footage from our VEX involvement, we made this short video introducing the VEX Robotics program as a whole. Hopefully, this can help inspire students of all ages to try out not only robotics but also other STEM activities.

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The Importance of Robotics


A video documenting the importance of robotics, and the sublevels of careers and roles available in the field.

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Vex Robotics in our lives


VEX Robotics develops a love for robotics, helps you to look for more opportunities, and what STEM education brings. Increses teamwork and leadership. Emphatizes in girl powered. Inspire, motivates, and prepare for the future. VEX Robotics is everything for designinig, building, programming, strategies, and awards. Experience the engineering design process, creating brainstorming, constructing the robot, trying the robot, competing, getting better, and aknowledge the errors. Our mentor is with us in all of the process and competitions. He supports, advice, and support us! The awards make...


Vex Promo by Northbrook


This Promo was created by me a student of Northbrook Middle School. In my promo I advisertise 2 of 3( because of time) things that make the challenge like the competetion and the coding. I also mention dificulty and teamwork. I would include more but I didn't have enough video representation/ Clips to represent because I did all of this from home, because of safety.

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IBSH Team Recruitment Video


IBSH is a Billingual School in Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan. 

We are a rookie team started in September 2020, and Believe we can bring more STEAM and Robotics education into our school and later into our local area of Hsinchu Science Park. 

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The End of an Era - CMAA Farewell Video


Our team decide to speak in our familiar language "Cantonese" and English. We are hoping that everyone will understand the message that we bring in the video. 


The most interesting part in our video is using a function in Apple device called Memoji to represent our members face. Since the COVID-19, we cannot go to school and take video together. Therefore, we use Memoji to create our face and take a group photo together. Finally, it makes our thumbnail more interesting. This is a new try for us.


Hope you enjoy our video...

Thank You Vex (FHS 9421V Vex Promote Video)


This video features our organizations efforts and what Vex has done for us.

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Promotional Video for NDA's R2G2

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This video is about how vex help to us in improvement.

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