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Created: Tue, Dec 8, 2020 11:57 AM

Who We Are

The Battle Creek Area Mathematics and Science Center in Battle Creek, MI is proud to host two VEX Robotics high school competition teams: Teams 2581B and 2581P. Both began in 2011 and first competed in the 2011 VEX Robotics game, Gateway. Since then, both teams have consistently included between four and ten members ranging from freshmen to seniors. Team members take on the roles of programmers, engineers, drivers, physicists, and strategists, or a combination of the above. Any student attending the Math and Science Center can join, no robotics or engineering experience required.

What We Do

We plan, design, build, program, debug, test, and drive robots, then inspire others to do the same. We persist in making our robots into the best machines they can be, scoring effectively on the field, while documenting the progress of our robot through our engineering notebook. We keep our minds open to new things and we are constantly learning more about engineering, computer science, design, communication, and teamwork. Club members form bonds with their robot as well as with each other throughout the year.


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