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VEX IQ Challenge Promote Award Online Video Challenge

The Promote Award is presented to a VEX IQ Challenge team that has created and submitted an outstanding VIQC promotional video. This video promotes the team in the community to recruit new students, mentors, and support. This video may be about what the team does, why other youth would love building robots and why they should join the team or start a new team, how the team builds their robot, or what they learn from the VEX IQ Challenge. 

This is your big chance to tell us how great your team is! Be creative and have fun making a video which shows one or more of these parts of building VEX IQ Challenge robots:

  • Why other youth would love building robots and should start a team or join your team.
  • What your team does.
  • How you design and build your robot.
  • What you learn from the VEX IQ Challenge.

You will see the rules for the challenge below, but the most important thing is to get people excited about what your team does!


Why You Should Join Robotics


These 3 Junior High students created a video to promote their love of the robotics team we have here at FCJH.

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Robotics Promotion Video


Two middle school students created a video that shows why they love their robotics team!

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2020-2021 14012V Vex IQ Promote Award Submission

Evan Gosselin - 14012M - Pinecrest Lakes Middle High

If you are new to the program or looking for ideas, this video was a lot of fun to make! If you are looking to start on the Promote Challenge, look at this link (you'll get all the rules there); If you have any questions please comment them in the description and I will respond as soon as I can!

If you are a judge, I have made a timeline of events. In the official submission you will also see a PDF Word document for the storyboard. I started working on a storyboard in late...

John F. Kennedy Middle School Robotics Team 15158A


John F. Kennedy Middle School robotic team is trying to showcase the fun activities that students can do, even during a pandemic.  Notice, although students are wearing masks and gloves, they are excited that they have this opportunity to that they have this opportunity to work with other students, in a somewhat normal way. 

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Flashes Promote Vex IQ


Two middle school students share their love of Robotics in this video

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We Want YOU to Join VEX IQ!


We made this promote video to encourage younger students to join the VEX IQ challenge. It is such a huge part of our lives, and we think that the joy that we feel from it should be shared with others. We hope that you join VEX IQ!

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VEX IQ Promote Video


This video is our submission to the VEX IQ Challenge Promote Award Online Video Challenge. This video shows how VEX IQ helps students and teaches them new skills for the present and the future. This video was a great way for our group to practice our video making skills we learned on an online course during this pandemic. We hope you enjoy this video and if you enjoyed it, make sure you vote for our video!

Make sure you set the video quality to HD before watching!

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Join the Team of VEX IQ Robotics


The video features the fun aspects of being part of the robotics club at our school.

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A Difficult Year is Nothing to Fear!

10142 Green Tigers

This is how team 10142A is adapting to the challenges brought on by the pandemic. Even though we are distant, we still have fun working together as a team.

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VEX Robotics team 11108A


This video was created by two members of Comet Crew #11108A in an interesting and unique way to depict the many benefits of VEX Robotics.

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Caribbean K-8 Macaws Robotics Team


Caribbean K-8 Center Macaws Robotics Team #39518A
Caribbean K-8 Center has started growing its middle school robotics team. Students are learning how to design, build, and code the robot for this year's competitions.

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Radical Rubbish Robot


Our team were motivated by the drastic impact climate change is having on the environment. We looked at simple solutions that can make a huge impact and in the end, we decided on inventing a robot that collects rubbish on land and ultimately this could be used in the ocean. We worked collaboratively to draft and sketch our design before we began to build our Radical Rubbish Robot. We learnt from the challenge that you need many prototypes before you create your final design. We are hoping to have a positive...

VEX IQ Robotics is Fun and Exciting With Team...


This unique and engaging video depicts the fun teamwork that surrounds VEX IQ.

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Team 5081F: Inspiring Others One Person at a Time


This years VEX IQ Challenge Promote Award Online Video Challenge, was skillfully edited and completed by all the members on our team. Its purpose is to inspire people of all ages to join their local robotics program and experience the thrill of robotics!

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Promote Award


Submission from team 5081D

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24146B The Karen's Promote Award Online Video...


24146B The Karen's promotion video for our team and how joining robotics has helped us work as a team, come up with ideas, and build our designs into reality. 

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A Future with Vex


Robo Kings:13952D Wants you to Join Us this Season!!!

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The Journey


Robo-Runners 13952C on a Journey to bring STEM to life!!!

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Rise Overload


Function of Construction 13952A is looking for you to become a part of our Family!!! 

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Why Not VEX?


Team 79530C, known as the Orange Crushers, want to encourage YOU to be on VEX IQ!

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Why you should be interested in stem by 214D The...


This is the 214D promo video, in this video it explains why you should join robotics or be interested in stem.

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Passion, Emotion, and Fun in the World of...


In our video we emphasize our passion, emotion, and fun while doing robotics, hoping to encourge the current and future generations to take part in VEX IQ Robotics.

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Join the Square Shaped Potatoes!


We are the Square Shaped Potatoes from New York. All of us have competed in VEXIQ for at least one year. We really enjoy robotics and we are all friends. Even though we are apart during the pandemic, we are still working together to be the best we can be.

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Robots Building Creative Minds


Team Cipher explains the how STEAM  is used in the VEX IQ program.  Teamwork, dedication and fun are the building blocks of our team. 

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Robotics is Fun


Have you wondered what is required for a team to participate in VEX IQ? Do you realize the life-long skills that you can learn by being part of a team? Let Team 6855A show you how much fun you can have when you join a VEX IQ team!

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Technocats promote video


The video is about the people in SJH robotics and what robotics is about.

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Reasons to join Sloan Canyon Robotics



We are Vex IQ and VRC teams from Pinecrest Sloan Canyon. Our school is located in Henderson, Nevada. This is our school's second year and we are excited to be a part of this new Sloan Canyon pirate journey!

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Join VEX, You Belong Here!


Some people may think Robotics isn't for them, but they are wrong! We think you should join VEX because YOU BELONG HERE!  We can do it together, even if we are virtual! It's Virtually for everyone!

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Vex IQ Challenge Promote Award Online Video


Here is Team 5081E's submission for the Vex IQ Challenge Promote Award Online Video.

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214C Promote Video


Please enjoy our video as we put lots of time and effort into it.

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214A Promote Video: How we design robots


How we design robots! Thanks for considering us!

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929D Hereford Zone Robotics


This is a video about our club and what we do and why students should join the club.

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