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Minute Detail


Entry ID #: 8245
Created: Mon, Nov 30, 2020 10:59 PM

Sometimes I look at advertisements, always accidentally spotting those perfect photos that are seemingly impossible for me to achieve. But this photo from a motherboard allowed me to realise that everything is possible. With the little details of the fallend dusts, the clear turning edges of each delicate part, and the reflections on those individual metallics, I am affirmed that all things are possible if you strive for it. This reminds me of how me and my team had always strove for the best in robotics, even the most minute details, and I am inspired to continue to do so.

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   赵美玲0106 on 12/15/2020

nice job!Very detailed and easy to understand

   krisz33 on 12/13/2020

Great photo!

   Robot27 on 12/12/2020

Good luck! You Rock!