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New Season, New Pit - Vex in Covid


Murad Malik:)
Entry ID #: 8260
Created: Tue, Dec 1, 2020 4:03 PM

This is team 8838D's photography challenge submission. Our photo shows the ups and downs of robotics in the era of Covid-19. --- New Season, New Pit - Vex in COVID The VEX world championship was canceled. However, through VEX's ingenuity, we now have virtual tournaments, preserving the competitiveness and legacy of VEX. This pit evolved to COVID safety standards as such. We have sanitizer, gloves, and Clorox, cleaning between builds, with many other precautionary measures like masks. The pen, metal pieces, and laptop represent the season, with a virtual notebook, explaining adaptation into this year. The Chex Mix also represents a hidden meaning of this season- amazing and disappointing. However, many still enjoy all of them, as we shall.

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