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"Thinking Outside The Box" Photography Challenge

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is global and most of us are practicing social distancing to help flatten the curve, that leaves many of us with a lot of downtime or finding unique ways to accomplish a goal. With school or activities being hybrid, virtual, or in-person, we wanted to come up with a new photography challenge for this season.

Take some time to focus your mind and attention on some photo projects that can help you become a better photographer and to think outside the box. Part of becoming an improved photographer is understanding how to challenge yourself to put the skills you already have to the test and acquire new skills that will allow you to expand your boundaries as a photographer and a member of the VEX community.

With this challenge, you will not travel to far-off locations to find material worthy of a photo. We want you to submit a photo of something or someone in your everyday life that reminds you of your experience with VEX Robotics and why. Compose a photo that conveys an emotion, specifically the feeling you experience when you are reminded of the season’s before and what you love most.


I <3 Robotics :)


I chose this picture because it is a picture of me driving our team robot last year. It was really fun and that is why I am doing it again this year. One of my friends is with me and we are on the same team this year along with another friend. My other friend made it to states. After every competition we had to tighten all the screws. I was very glad I did it. I joined a little late but I still had lots of fun!  I am proud of our team and that is why I will do it again next year! 

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Our New Reality


Determined innovation can surpass any obstacle. With the majority of our team remaining online, we’ve had to creatively adjust to our new reality, where we could no longer meet in person as a team or have easy access to materials. In previous years, we could spend hours working inside the engineering lab, but now, we relish the ironic opportunity to work outside surrounded by nature to ensure the safety of our team. More than ever, our team is focusing on collaboration in any way we can in order to reflect everyone’s perspectives and remain productive in our new normal....

Girls in STEM


Our coach has her own corner in her classroom dedicated to girls in STEM to represent all the awards and accomplishments that have been received by a girl. 

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Girls in STEM


Girls are important too!

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Teaching Robotics!


I really enjoying showing people the in and outs of VEX IQ Robotics. Today I was showing a group of people about gears and the amounnt of tooths per gear. I was featuring with both 60-tooth and 24-tooth gears. I enjoy showing my classmates different things about robotics and helping people that will continue to be part of the competitive team as I will not be able to and keeping future generations and husky robotics spirit alive for the huskies.

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Why A Broken Up Console Relates To Vex


We as a team took a part a console the parts that are used to carry out task for computers, videos, and more. Just like a Vex console the blocks are programmed to carry out certain given tasks, a computer console is specifically programmed to do certain task.

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The Sky's the Limit


So complicated, yet so simple in concept. No feeling is stronger than pure amazement. When the vast weight of this metal contraption is racing down the runway, I feel amazed every time the wheels leave the ground and this marvel of engineering takes flight. This connects to VEX in how the contraption is based on such a simple concept, yet it needs to be so complicated to function completely.

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Where Will Tomorrow Take You?


Amazement is the predominant emotion I felt when I took this photo. I can’t help but feel amazed at the thought of how far we have gone. 100 years ago, flight was merely hypothetical. Now, flight has been commercialized and is commonplace. Imagine if the robots we build for our competitions could advance as much as air travel. Our robots are little more than proof of concept, but if they were more, they could change the world. There is the feeling of amazement when you see your robot’s first move and the ambition of what could be possible.

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Automated Housekeeping


The vacuum robot shows the satisfaction of creating a working product because of the relentless engineering and design process needed to build a working robot. Building a VEX robot is demanding because of the design and engineering required for a successful robot which creates the feeling of satisfaction once we’ve accomplished the given task.

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Who’s behind the wheel???


Could you imagine a decade ago, a car being able to drive itself? I sure couldn’t. The next major advancement in road safety and AI technology is here. How awe-inspiring is it to see something become real right from the pages of science fiction? It is amazing to see just how much such a complex car can relate to VEX in terms of the design process and challenges faced during the building process. Through an immense amount of time and effort, technology can do what was once thought impossible.

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In Memory of my Greatest Advocate


In the previous two seasons, I have served as one of the caregivers for my grandmother. She was determined and hardworking, raising many children and gardening until she broke her hip. She struggled to learn how to use a walker in order to maintain normality, and despite falling many times, she persevered with my brother and I helping her up along the way, together. She, too, believed in the success of my team and me. Unfortunately, she passed away recently. Despite this setback, I will respect her wishes of competing and participating in robotics with the lessons that she taught.

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The Shadow Behind Those That Follow


     In this picture, I have used the shadows of the previous year’s game pieces to represent the legacy of our team, as we will all be graduating this year. It is my hope that when the last day of the season comes, marking the end of our team and the beginnings of a new, we could bring in fresh minds to carry-on what we have started. Our team will always remain like a shadow behind those who follow and continue to build on the foundation we have set as the first homeschooled team in Bakersfield.

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Building Virtually With My Robotics Team

10142 Green Tigers

This photo represents Vex IQ for many reasons. The first is because of the many challenges that we face trying to do robotics online. For example we cannot make the robots together when we do online challenges which makes it harder to brainstorm together and piece together our robot.  It also reminds me of Vex IQ because it shows us working together and problem solving and most of all friendship. I feel this way because I like working with my friends and helping them.

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Humble Beginnings


I'm not expecting anything too great here. It's literally a picture of a crappy school Chromebook. I tried to make it seem worthwhile in my short story, but I know I'm not going to even rank. I'm just doing this submission because my teacher told us to. 

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Photography Challenge - REMEMBER


It was only a couple months ago that we were in the middle of competing, yet we are now home, only able to recall memories of robotics. We can only relive our past experiences through our VEX memorabilia that bring us floods of good memories. This photo is especially meaningful for us because it represents our club as a whole reminiscing our time before the pandemic by looking at the remnants robotics has left in our houses like this engineering notebook. For now, we can only dream of a future that allows us to replace fond memories with new experiences.

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8838A - Back to the Beginning

Robohawks- Coach Lund

This image reminds me of my experience in VEX robotics because it’s a picture of my team from when I’d started my robotics journey. All my memories of working with my teammates return; all our late nights spent on building and our coach’s dedication to help us succeed. It takes me back to when I attended my very first tournament with my team. Currently, I see my teammates every day at school and remember all of the experiences we’ve shared with each other. It’s brought us closer together and I know that we’ll never forget our time as a team.

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Hi! I'm Kenzie a 6th grade member of the Hub City Stackers. Robotics makes me smile and I hope this will make you smile too! The picture of the Lego smiley face shows how happy I feel when I do robotics. I chose to use Lego pieces because I use Legos every day. They remind me of building the robot. Building the robot is definitely my favorite part of robotics. I like trying to fit the pieces together and see if they are able to work well together.

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Empty Field


The 2019-2020 season was great for our VEX RoboCops team. We qualified for state, national, and world competitions! We were unstoppable! One week after the SC state championship - quarantine. Soon after, nationals and worlds were cancelled. It seemed like the season was fading away and all of our work and accomplishments were disappearing. We couldn't go to any other events. We began virtual practices because of the virus. This photo shows my emptyness because the season was cut short. This season, however, we are putting our pieces back together. Our hope is...

Victory USB


My image is a Victory  8 GB USB because this was the first USB I have ever owned and I shared it with my friends. I had a lot of fun in the class and even met people. The class was full of things that were new to me including the feeling. I did many project’s, granted they didn’t always get finished, but it was the most fun not finishing with friends that by myself. I was happy to be in robotics because I made good friends.

By David Esparza

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By Jayden Najar 

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Restless Nights and Robotic Dreams


My name is Jesse Reyna, and my official caption and photo for this entry is in the pdf file below. This was shot with an iPhone 12 Pro Max using the ultra wide lens. I shot, composed, and lit this scene to capture the feeling of dreaming of robotics. This was different for me because I had to think outside of the box and meticulously craft the lighting, lens placement and composition of this scene, instead of taking a snapshot/candid photo. I hope that this photo sparked your robotic dreams!

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Building Robots and Friendship


Twas the night before a competition. I remember the nights when I would stay up late at my teammate’s garage. Buzzing around our minds, the fundamental tasks of completing the code and repairing the robot were yet to be done, but occasionally, we would put work aside, play cards, and find a moment of repose. I did not appreciate these moments incredibly before, but now I miss the feeling of calm and bliss of spending time with my teammate. From chatting while working and running around during matches, VEX took us from being complete strangers to friends.

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Tournament Champion, first place in qualification rounds, and awards are the trophies that every single team has been longing for. However, to me, these are just transient amorphous fame. Through attending competitions, teamwork is required in every area. How we communicate, how we have multiple people with different ideas, how we assign jobs all demand a long time of hone. Similar to the green gears in the picture, every time we get together, we dispute, we collaborate, we are sharpening the surrounding of our gears. We are seeking the best teamwork where each gap between the...



This is an image of a Lego spaceship. This reminds me of building robots in class with my classmates. After almost every class we would assemble a robot until one day we were completed. We were all so happy at that moment. This reminds me of my experience with my classmates.

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My first year of robotics


My first day of robotics has been very eventful with the help of my classmates including my partners Tristan Clark and Chris together the four of us have a bath that is simple and design but it will still compete at in high-level competitions against other part this is my first year in robotics and I have learned a lot about programming and construction from these past 12 weeks we've been in school Clark is a senior and she has been in the robotics program for a couple years so he is been helping the rest of us like try to grab the idea of what we're doing is he's...