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Entry ID #: 9050
Created: Tue, Dec 8, 2020 10:45 AM

This is an image of the base of our robot. We chose this picture because it shows what start with and build on top of. The base along can't do much, but combined with the other elements, it creates a functioning robot. Even though the base alone can't complete any tasks, it is still an incredibly important component of the robot. The base is what brings all the other parts together, so it is necessary for a good robot. This picture also represents robotics, because just like how a robot requires a base, learning robotics starts from the basics. Most of our team just started VEX this year, so we started from the basics, learning the very basics of coding and the components of robotics. As we learned more and more, the ideas became slightly more complex, just like how the robot will become more and more complex as parts are added. This picture embodies the process of learning anything, everything starts from a good base, made with basic but crucial knowledge

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