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Entry ID #: 9200
Created: Tue, Dec 8, 2020 9:47 PM

This was the first time we joined the VEX competition which took place in AST. We still remembered how exuberant we were at that time. At first we entered the field, we were amazed by so many robots and teams gathered at the same place. Since we didn’t have any idea of the competition process, we followed our coach’s instructions to check in. We still felt strange to the environment and everything we met. However, after a few practices, we began to get used to how the competition works and we learned to concentrate on our tasks. Even though we didn’t get good results, we believed that we have learned a lot from the experience. We were also attracted by the competition and enjoyed it very much. Thanks to everyone who provided us with the resources we had. We love to participate in VEX competitions.


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