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Entry ID #: 9227
Created: Wed, Dec 9, 2020 6:22 PM

  What I see in this picture is the struggle of getting all the risers in the scoring zones in the small amount of time that we have. This shows how stressful it is to drive in a vex IQ tournament. If you are a driver you need to be extremely focused on driving and you need to also be good at communicating with the other drivers on the other team. If you are a builder you need to make a robot that is to the drivers liking because if the drivers can’t use the robot correctly then you won’t win competitions. There are also other stressful things in a competition like getting to you mates on time and knowing when your matches are going to start, also you have to be really careful with your bot when it’s completed because you don’t want to drop it and have to rebuild the whole thing.


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