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Better Together


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Created: Thu, Dec 10, 2020 6:41 AM

 BETTER TOGETHER     My sister Juliana (on the left) and I (on the right) are a middle school team. Our team number is 64811J. Our team name is Jellyfish. This is our organization's first year in robotics. I am in 8th grade and Juliana is in 7th grade. Our main goal is to have fun. I am the builder/notebooker. Juliana is the driver/coder. We built a tray robot with an intake on the lift and at the bottom, there are 2 intakes connected to the drive train right in front of the wheels. We laugh a lot during competitions and other things, even when we lose. We have jellyfish pants on and only blue balls in the photo because our colors are blue and black. We are holding a blue ball up as if it is a trophy to show we can win!

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