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36637A - IEEE Suez Region E IRHS


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Created: Tue, Dec 8, 2020 11:30 AM

IEEE Suez Region E IRHS created entered the International Robotics Honors Society Service Award Challenge Sponsored by The REC Foundation to show our projects, programs, training, and participation. This year, we had a great season working with robots and impacting our community. Our work was based on: 1- Equipping youth and pre-college students with the skills needed to excel in the industrial fields. 2. Working to provide them with the technical skills which are necessary to prepare an innovative generation. 3. Advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. 4. Gathering pre-college students to learn robots and network. 5. Raising awareness about STEM, Engineering, Robotics, Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Scientific Research, and Entrepreneurship.

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   mohamedelsayedrgb on 12/11/2020

Amazing video and amazing Google sight If I were one of the referees, I would have given you 10/10 because your project is very useful I will follow you on social media and will attend your online courses

   Morojmostafa on 12/11/2020

Very good and wonderful

   Nourhanselim on 12/11/2020


   menclintilonurmom on 12/10/2020

I really enjoyed your project, and I think that the video was composed really well. Despite that, I don't understand one part of your video. Why did y'all add multiple years previously? I don't mean to be rude, but I thought that these projects were for only one year. Sorry, I just wanted to know.