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VEX IQ Challenge STEM Research Project Sponsored by The REC Foundation

The focus for the VEX IQ Challenge is to have students learn about the relationship among the STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Each season one of the fields is featured, providing students with an opportunity to learn more about how it relates to robotics and how what they are learning in the classroom has a practical application in their lives.

This season the STEM research project will feature technology, with a specific focus on sensors.   Technology is the branch of knowledge that focuses on practical purposes in life.  It is the machinery and equipment that is developed using engineering.   Sensors are electronic components that produce an output by detecting changes in its environment. It produces a signal notifying the user to the changes that have been detected.  Gyro Ultrasonic Range Finder, Color Sensor, Touch LED, Bumper Switch are the sensors that are featured in the VEX IQ Challenge program. 


Using Bumper Sensors to Prevent Car Crashes


Students are interested in using Bumper Sensors to prevent car crashes. 

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Laptop SIM Cards


Students are interested in creating laptop SIM cards to enable people to use their laptops without requiring an internet connection. 

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Struc Sharks


Sensors on TESS Satellite with Natalia Guerrero

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Team 11110Y STEM Project Voice Sensors


We are team 11110Y and we are from Greenspun Jr. High School. Our group has four members and we all love robotics. We are so thankful in these times that we are still able to participate in these events. We decided to do this project on voice sensors and how different factors effect them because these two devices specifically are ones that we use in our every day lives and knowing the science behind them is really cool and can help us to understand just how they work.

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