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Panasonic DLP Projector


Entry ID #: 8194
Created: Mon, Nov 23, 2020 3:06 PM

We are Emma, Deonna, and Mia and we are on team 74177Z, a team of six girls from Pinecrest Sloan Canyon. This is our second year competing. For this project, we have deconstructed a Panasonic DLP projector. We were determined to find a device with TI components inside, and we were lucky enough to receive a giant ten-year-old projector that used to be installed at a casino in Las Vegas as a donation. It was a challenge to work together on this project while apart, but we had many Zoom meetings and shared documents so we could still work together and discuss. This was a huge task, but we learned a lot and now understand how projectors work and can easily recognize many of the internal components and know what their role is in the system.


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