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Logitech m305


Entry ID #: 8539
Created: Mon, Dec 7, 2020 7:59 AM

  I chose the electronic online challenge sponsored by Texas Instruments. The object I chose to take apart to see what components were inside of it was a Logitech m305 wireless mouse. This seemed like a good choice because mouses are used in everyday life and needed by almost everyone with a computer. Beneath the right and left buttons on the top of the mouse, there are little boxes that can be pressed and sends a command through the circuit board to the usb wireless receiver and performs the command it was sent on the computer. This device also has a scroll wheel/button. When the wheel spins it uses a spring and two copper plates on the bottom of the wheel to tell what direction it is going and how far it went Once determined, this information is transformed into a command and sent to the USB wireless receiver and the command is displayed on the computer. This device requires one double a battery. There is a red cable connected to the positive side of the battery and a black cable connected to the other side of the battery side. These cables run together into a connector that plugs into part of the circuit board, that gives energy to all of the components of the wireless mouse. In order for the transmitter in the mouse to communicate with its receiver, they must be paired. This means that both devices are operating at the same frequency on the same channel using the same id code. The purpose of pairing is to filter out interference from other sources.A variety of types of wireless radio frequency receivers are available. Some are built into your computer, while others connect through one of your computer's peripheral ports, such as a usb port. No matter the type of receiver, they all will work the same. They receive the frequency broadcasts from the mouse on the same frequency, then they find these broadcasts and communicate them to your computer. The result is that when your wireless mouse is left-clicked, the receiver picks up this command and passes it on to your computer, which registers the left-click on your screen.Pairing methods vary, depending on the mouse manufacturer. Some devices come pre-paired. Others use methods such as a pairing sequence that occurs automatically, when you push specific buttons, or when you turn a dial on the receiver All of these components work together to create a useful device that has been used since 1964, and will continue being a necessity in the future. The engineers of this invention had to have really thought about using such a tiny camera hoping it can capture all it needs. This device works very well because of simplistic design that almost anyone can use in their life I learned that this device while simple for its task has a lot of components that make it work the way it does. This object was very fascinating to tear apart and i hope to tear apart more of them to see how they compare to their brands 


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