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36637A - Hard Disk


Entry ID #: 9085
Created: Tue, Dec 8, 2020 11:15 AM

In conducting this research project, we discovered a lot important components and the true electrical function of them. We had heard of before, but never looked into. While this device is not associated with Texas Instruments, we learned more about the very global path that the products we use must travel in order to make it into our possession and how even the simplest of devices is very complex on the inside. We also concluded how the hard disk works. 1- Commander intervention IC (lfh-88i6540) to perform its processors where the command gives reading or writing the data. Next, it sends the IC commands to the power to enlarge the current and send it to the motor. Then, the magnetic disks start to rotate the read and write headers write the data. 2- The data is written in the machine language, which is zero and one, and then stored on magnetic cylinders for preservation and reference. 3- The characteristics of the hard disk can be known by IC (25f1024an), and by this IC can be known (Hard disk space, manufacturer, production date, and operating system).

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