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Deconstructing Cisco Router


Entry ID #: 9193
Created: Tue, Dec 8, 2020 9:02 PM

With the isolation situation from each of our team members, performing through ZOOM meetings for the deconstruction of a daily used electronic device which was approved by our mentor was a challenge all its own. Each member was able to research the purpose & roles of the inner workings of the chips and components within our device. Our document includes: Final Summary with Introduction, Summary, Research findings and conclusion of Lessons learned; photograph of exterior, interior and internal components including captions; and research documentation related to each component. Thank you to each individual who enjoys reading our experiment of deconstructing a technology wonder and our own discovery of what each of our team members were able to perform together as a team with the isolation condition!  

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   赵美玲0106 on 12/15/2020

It's perfect. It's good

   我是我是 on 12/15/2020

good job!

   Randam on 12/15/2020

That's a lot of work! Good job!

   krisz33 on 12/13/2020

Very well done!

   Eileen8 on 12/13/2020

Very interesting! All the best, guys!