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Team 95070B's Electronics Online Challenge


Entry ID #: 8744
Created: Mon, Dec 7, 2020 7:16 PM

We are Team 95070B, and we took apart the PJ551D DLP Projector. We decided on the PJ551D DLP Projector since we wanted to look inside a projector, and happened to have this one. Over the timespan of a few weeks, we chose our teardown object, tore it down, researched its parts, and wrote a report on our findings.  It was difficult to work virtually, but we did this teardown to the best of our ability. One team member took apart the projector and took pictures, and another researched and compiled the information and pictures into this report.  We were fascinated by the inner working of the projector, from the zener diodes all the way to the Digital Micromirror Device chip, and how they all worked in unison to project an image. And after tearing down, researching, writing, and editing about the PJ551D DLP Projector, we, team 95070B, present our Electronics Teardown Challenge to you.  We hope you enjoy the report as much as we enjoyed making it and looking inside a projector.  Thank you for considering our submission, Team 95070B  

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