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Electronics Online Challenge Sponsored by Texas Instruments

Back by popular demand! Texas Instruments (TI) is one of the largest semiconductor design and manufacturing companies in the world. That means we make amazing technology that is inside many of the most innovative electronic products you use every day. For example, you may not have realized it but TI technology is at the heart of the VEX IQ controller and many TI components are used inside the device. We want to challenge you to look at your world with the eyes of an engineer and explore the inner-workings of an electronic device of your choice. Once you choose a product, you will deconstruct the device, catalog what you find inside, and then submit a final report with your findings on what you discovered.

TI technology is also probably inside many of the electronic products you use every day. For example, TI components are inside the VEX IQ controller, BEATS headphones, GoPro Hero 4 camera, Tesla cars, and the Samsung Galaxy. We challenge you to find a device (we recommend choosing something you don’t mind breaking apart, for example an old phone), and carefully deconstruct the device so you can find out what electronic components are inside. Most semiconductor chips are labeled with the company name and component name. Then conduct online research to discover what the component does and what its role might be within the entire system of the electronic device.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Smart phone, tablet or mobile device
  • Camera, voice recorder, video camera, tv remote
  • Headphones, speakers, music player
  • Watch, Pedometer, GPS navigator, Garage door opener
  • Computer components like mouse, monitor, keyboard

SAFETY TIPS: Before starting this challenge, make sure to have your chosen device approved by your team coach/leader/mentor/parent for safety purposes. Also note that some devices contain capacitors that hold a charge and extreme caution should be used. Any electrical device that contains a power source must be disconnected or removed before disassembly (unplug all cords and remove all batteries). You must wear safety glasses during the disassembly process.



Team 5081F: Deconstructing a Speedometer


For this years VEX IQ Challenge Electronics Online Challenge Sponsored by Texas Instruments, we decided to explore a well known device called the speedometer. This challenge was skillfully completed and executed by all of the members on this team.

Word Count: 347

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Electronics Online Challenge


This is a submission by team 5081D. Thank you for visiting our work. Enjoy!

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Deconstructing a desktop


Our team disassembled a shuttle desktop from 2012 

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Electronics Online Challenge - Thing 1


This is the Electronics Online Challenge Sponsored by Texas Instruments submission for team 97101 G.

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82855T Smartphone Teardown TI Electronics Online...


This is our submission to the Electronics Online Challenge sponsored by Texas Instruments. We are Team 82855T of St. Theresa of Lisieux C.H.S., a high school in Ontario. 

We disassembled an old ZTE V5 U9180 smartphone from 2014 and analyzed all the ICs that we could identify. We faced some difficulty finding datasheets for some parts due to obsolescence, but information from other sources proved valuable as well. We learned a great deal about the various parts in a smartphone and their purpose. 

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Flare Monitor


      In the monitor that we examined, there were: the Motherboard, soundboard, the power supply and the display. In the motherboard, which we can call the electronic skeleton of the monitor, voltage controllers ensure that the electric current passes safely, the resolution and quality of the image transmitted from the VGA cable, operation of the internal fans and the level of work they will do. The sound card transmits sound coming from the AUX cable to the internal speakers and makes sound come out. The power supply transfers electric currents to the...


Understanding Ipad


Understanding the parts inside an ipad

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Seagate Barracuda 500 GB 3.5 Internal Hard Drive


We are The Pandemicorn Quaranteam from Winneconne VEX Robotics Club.  While this is our first year entering this online challenge, many of our team members have been in VEX Robotics for 3-5 years.  This online challenge offered our team the opportunity to work on something virtually when our team couldn't meet in person.  We chose a simple Hard Drive to deconstruct because they were readily available from our VEX Advisor, who is an IT consultant.  He was able to get 4 identical drives for us to work with, so we could work together over ZOOM to deconstruct and work...


iPhone 6S Plus - Disassembly

Robohawks- Coach Lund

This year, for the 2020-2021 robotics Texas Instruments online challenge one of our teammates in 8838B Century, Evana Thomson decided to disassemble the iPhone 6S Plus. This entry will cover each component of the phone, its purpose in the device, and what was the main lesson learned from this exciting experience.

VRC Middle School 


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PlayStation Controller Tear Down


All I did was dissect an old PS3 controller. Nothing else really.

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MVHS Robotics Texas Instruments Challenge


We are a high school robotics team that likes to be challenged and constantly use our minds to be creative and absorb knowledge. We would like to represent our school Metea Valley High School. Our team 8995T took apart the TI30XS Calculator.

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Texas Instrument Online Challenge Team 4073B


For the Texas Instrument Online Challenge I am experimenting on a PowerA Mini Xbox Controller.

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Texas Instruments Online Challenge for Robotics


This is an iSymphony model cr8cd that we are breaking down and observing. We chose to break this one down because this does things that we use everyday with features like a clock, a radio,  a speaker system, iPod docking, and a CD audio system. These components will help us learn how lots of things operate and we will be able to use this knowledge later on in life.

 Starting with the motherboard. The Motherboard is the main circuit board, its main purpose is for computers. The motherboard is a printed circuit board which is also used for memory...


9210A Texas Instruments Online Challenge


We took apart a desktop computer and put down our research.

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Cavro Scientific Smart Valve Controller


An examination of the Cavro Scientific Smart Valve Controller by Leo Barnhart of SVHS Robotics in Irondale, Alabama.

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Exploring the Insides of a Samsung Galaxy S3

Robohawks- Coach Lund

Exploring the Insides of a Samsung Galaxy S3

Ayla Kailiponi from team 8838C has decided to tackle the Texas Instruments Challenge. She has decided to disassemble the Samsung Galaxy.


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3725D Electronics Online Challenge


We took apart an HP laptop and learned about the different components.

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Samsung ES15 Breakdown - Team 8148T


We are an Independent British Team, 8148T. Due to the complexities added from COVID-19 we completed this challenge by communicating online, with Yash deconstructing the phyisical device. This challenge has taught us appreciation for the complexity of electronic devices and how we could aim to use a range of sensors and mechanical parts in combination for our autonomous in VEX Robotics.

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7983A Electronics Challenge - Xbox 360 Controller

Naomi Langer

We are team 7983A from Centennial High School. We chose to take apart an Xbox 360 controller.

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