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Vex Iron Man 2


Entry ID #: 237
Created: Sat, Feb 12, 2011 6:25 PM

The "Vex Iron Man 2" is a really cool robot that I have built at home. As any teams who attended the All Star Challenge in Orlando will remember, We originally tried to compete in vEx roundup with this robot...FAIL!!!. After Disney, we decided to make this robot more of a show robot and a promotional robot for our team. Our team (429a and 429b) would occasionally have build days at my house to help out. The programming for this robot was done completely by our team programmer, and the addition of sensors was also a team decision. Here are some quick specs of the robot: - It stands almost 4 feet tall - It uses the Vex cortex control system (microcontroller and joystick controller) - It is programmed using Robotc - It utilizes 12 vex motors - It has two working arms and two working gripper claws - It has a neck and head that can move vertically approximately 200 degrees - Its torso can fold all the way down to the floor (Its "closed" position fits into an 18 inch cube) - It moves with a tank drive chassis - It has a touch sensor on each arm so that humans can recieve objects from the claws (See the video!) - It uses LED "puck lights" for the eyes and the chest piece - It has an ultrasonic sensor on the chassis that automatically stops the robot when objects are within a foot of it - it has a vex camera unit mounted on the head for remote operation (not in the video)


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   adpuetz13 on 02/14/2011

yah, a great robot, but i would not let anyone but an adult near this thing