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Bear Bot


Entry ID #: 243
Created: Sun, Feb 13, 2011 10:52 PM

Team 4542 (Ursa Major)’s robot built for the 2011 Future Foundation Design Challenge is called Bear_Bot. It entertains and amuses by performing tasks such as dancing and playing the piano. It can also mimic the arm movements of a user who is holding the VexNet joystick. BearBot is a humanoid with a holonomic drive base in place of legs. It has full range of motion in both arms and two planes of motion in its head. It can bend at the waist, and strafe or turn in any direction. Bear_Bot is powered by 8 servos and 5 motors. There are 4 servos on each arm and 2 servos on the head. There is one motor on each of the 4 wheels of the holonomic drive, and there is one high strength motor used to control the waist. Since this is too many motors for one cortex to handle, a modified a PWM wire was used to interface two cortexes and make them work together.


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   adpuetz13 on 02/14/2011

looks cool, but be careful with that around anyone under 10 years old, that can really hurt someone

   user53611 on 02/13/2011

The link to the video is at the very bottom of the page or you can just use this:

   user53611 on 02/13/2011

this is the correct page. please bear with us. no pun intended.