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VEX IQ Challenge "Make It Real" CAD Engineering Challenge Sponsored by Autodesk®

Have you ever wanted a component for your robot that was not included in the kit of parts? Do you want to design and make something unique that sets you apart from your peers? Then the “Make It Real CAD Engineering Challenge” is for you! Autodesk is sponsoring this challenge and giving you a chance to focus your passion for CAD and apply your skills to solve a real-world design issue.

In this challenge, you will use the same Autodesk 3D design software used by professionals to conceptualize and model a new part for a robot that improves its functionality or overcomes an existing problem. The new part must be designed to fit an existing robot and may consist of multiple pieces that form one part design. The robot may be a competition robot (VEX, FIRST, BEST, PLTW, SkillsUSA, TSA, etc.) or another robot that performs an interesting task.

To help you succeed, access to Autodesk software is available at no charge to students. In the Make It Real CAD Engineering Challenge, you must use either Autodesk® Fusion 360™, Autodesk® Inventor®, or Tinkercad™ to model your custom robot part. Whether you’ve used the software before or are brand new to CAD, the Autodesk Design Academy provides lessons and video tutorials for all skill levels.

To get started, carefully read the complete challenge requirements on this page. Then visit the Autodesk Design Academy challenge page to download software, watch tutorials and learn how to create custom parts. When you’re ready, return to this page to submit your entry.

The future is yours to design, and we can’t wait to see how you change the world!


The Epic Piece

This piece is the greatest in the whole wide world

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dual shaft connector

This piece will help with making it so you can have more that one shaft closer to another one

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Vex washer

This is a washer that would separate the tire and hold a tight fitt on the shaft

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Little Motor

The piece I have made for the challenge was a smaller motor. This small motor would hopefully be able to attach and work in places a regular motor wouldn't be able to. This motor could solve problems with the robot like weight, and also helping with space around the robot. This would fit nicely in a robot design and would even allow more capabilities for the robot because of the space it gives. I used tinkercad which helped design the motor itself and other pieces along with it just to get the nice details. The version of tinkercad was the online version. I learned that it's not...


Horivertical Shaft


Hello, we are part of Team 74177Y and this is our piece. Our piece is called the Horivertical Shaft. What this mysterious piece is is that it is a connector, stabilizer and 2 shafts that can act as 1. This shaft started out as 2 shafts together but then turned into 2 separate shafts that can come together. They both have a magnet that acts--like a magnet such as the name. There is also the cone on one of them which acts as a grip for the piece.

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“Make it real” VEX IQ Challenge


We want to try and make it to where a place can fit the multiple needs and demands of people with a kind heart.

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Miniature claw


This piece could act a a smaller claw that would go on the side of your robot. How it could help is by being able to slide the riser up on the ramp more easily. This is by instead of picking it up it could push the riser making the slide much better.

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Shaft Stopper


We are very new to robotics. We have experiemnted in TinkerCAD and came up with this shaft stopper. 

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90 Degree Angle


This was our first time using Tinkercad. We had a great time creating differernt pieces. 

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Flashes Make it Real

We designed a part to improve the base of the robot and add support to the wheels. 

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Flashes Make It Real

Three 7th grade students created Robotics parts that would help with the new challenge.

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