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Little Motor


Entry ID #: 7983
Created: Fri, Oct 23, 2020 9:46 AM

The piece I have made for the challenge was a smaller motor. This small motor would hopefully be able to attach and work in places a regular motor wouldn't be able to. This motor could solve problems with the robot like weight, and also helping with space around the robot. This would fit nicely in a robot design and would even allow more capabilities for the robot because of the space it gives. I used tinkercad which helped design the motor itself and other pieces along with it just to get the nice details. The version of tinkercad was the online version. I learned that it's not super easy to make new ideas for robot parts and that designing them is enjoyable. I hope I use 3D software in the future since it was really fun to create an object that would help me create a picture in my mind of how it would work. If I did use 3D software again it would be for either just fun or an assignment. This software might help me on a robotics team because it could plan what the robot would look like later on and give the programmer a good idea of what we are working with. I could see using this with my current team 214F. I don't know if 3D software will help me in my career path, but after this challenge it made me think of doing 3D designing as a career path. 


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Links / Videos

This is the tinkercad link to go see the little motor and the little details I added.