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The Ramp


Entry ID #: 8432
Created: Sat, Dec 5, 2020 4:53 PM

I created this part because one day, I noticed, "Hm... the way the ball escalates up the robot seems insecure. I wish there was a way to fix it, because I certainly don't want to blow a Change Up game, when the ball spills with a malfunction."  So, I therefore tried to improve the part by creating a smooth ramp with barriers keeping the ball from falling, therefore we wouldn't lose the ball as often in a game. The issue I'm trying to solve is an issue already stated before: spilling the ball in a game. The new part would fit on top of the gears and the chain that creates the force that escalates the ball forward to the peak of the robot. Now, after brainstorming how this should be used and all of that, I used Tinkercad to 3-d model and create my design.  With this project, I have learned a few things that I will state right now. What I learned from this project that 3-d modeling will make the creative spark in your mind come to reality. I might use 3-d modeling in the future, for some things such as creating my own parts for various objects I may need.  Learning 3-d design software may help me with my career path, if I choose to be an architect or some type of job that requires you to build things. This would help me because, with some experience, I will be able to take an early step towards designing things since architects use this many times.    


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