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Entry ID #: 9040
Created: Tue, Dec 8, 2020 10:34 AM

Introduction: Our team were having difficulties as one of their metal rods were too short. To fix this, I decided to model and 3d print a custom piece to solve their issue.   How does it work with the robot? The piece is a square with a 2-3mm square inside, and a circle on the outside. It is like a cylinder with a square extruded into it. Firstly, I created the 2d sketch of the circle and square on the top plane, then i clicked the space between the square and circle, simply tapped E, then extruded the piece. The version of the software I used was V2.0.4262 2018 version. I have been using F360 for some time now and I will continue to use it in other projects. I think it is the best free CAD software out there.   Picture 1:     Picture 2:     F3D File:   Conclusion: From this project I learnt that 3d modelling is very hard. I also learnt lots of other important things e.g., you need to leave space for things to fit into 3d printed parts, you need to get measurements exactly right and lastly you need to always use F360 as it is the best CAD software.  


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