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Retractable Part


Entry ID #: 8503
Created: Sun, Dec 6, 2020 8:47 PM

This is a part that I feel would extremely benefit the construction of robots in Vex IQ. It allows the builder to get a unique beam length that would otherwise not be easily accessible with the standard parts.  This part would be beneficial because if you are slightly above the height limit on a robot you could lower the beam very easily without having to completely demolish your robot. You could also make a claw with a unique length. I used Fusion 360 to make this part because I knew Fusion would be much more accurate than most other design programs. To start this project I used some electric calipers to measure the reference beam that I had to make a base for the part. Second I used the patterning system to make the connector pin holes on the beam. Next I made a socket on top of the original beam I made. This would be the main component of the part. I then chamfered, or shaved off all the sharp corners of the part to get a polished finish to the part.  This project was a massive learning experience for me just in using the program itself; I learned about many features that I never knew about or knew how to manipulate. I also learned that I could make much more complex parts with Fusion 360 than Tinkercad, due to the surplus amount of options to make your part more realistic.


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A part that allows the user to reach a unique beam length that would otherwise be very difficult to access with the standard Vex IQ pieces.