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2929A Rockbots Connector


Entry ID #: 8852
Created: Mon, Dec 7, 2020 11:13 PM

Robotics Online Challenge Final Report  2929A Rockbots Connector We created this custom  piece as a variation of the normal VEX 2x2 piece, but  instead of holes there are connectors  already sticking out,  and one  side is tilted 45 degrees, so  that you  can twist  the next piece that you  attach. This new part would  be used like any other  VEX IQ piece, but  it is lighter and smaller, so it can be manipulated in different ways to  fit in different places in the robot. Our part can be used as a decoration or to help with  the robot and was made to fit with  the other parts. It is a 2x2 piece that  is smaller than most VEX IQ parts. It has 4 connectors on each side, one side is 45 degrees tilted of the other  one, so you  can change the direction of the connectors.  The process we used  to make the piece was making a rectangle and curving the edges, then  on the  2 bigger sides we put  8 connectors  overall. On one side there was 4 in each corner, and on the  other side, there was also 4 connectors  in each corner but  turned 45 degrees, we wrote on top of the piece “VEX IQ Online Challenge” in dark red. We then downloaded  the piece onto  a .stl file. The software version of Tinkercad we were using was Tinkercad 1.5 2019_10_14. What we have learned from this project was how to use Tinkercad, or a version of 3D modeling.  It is important that we learn more about  how  to use  3D modeling programs such as Tinkercad since this will be something  we will have to use in the future. As a team, we will use 3D design software in the future probably  to help with  our different technology classes, or competitions. It will help if we are in a competitive robotics  team, because when  we can't work or meet in person, we can use 3D modeling software from home. We might need to  use 3D modeling software when  we are older, since technology  has to  do with  many career paths. It will probably  help since it is a very effective and efficient modeling tool, if you don’t have the resources to model something  in real life.

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