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Vex Part Cable Management


Entry ID #: 9099
Created: Tue, Dec 8, 2020 11:26 AM

Our group designed a cable management part to manage the cables used on any robot. We made this because on each of our teams in the previous years, we all struggled with managing cables and making sure they didn’t tangle. Our part is essentially a box with holes running through the width. We have 6 holes to fit the cables through, and 6 places on each side to attach pins and connect it to the robot itself. For example, if someone were to build a claw and have two motors on each side, the cables could easily be tangled as the robot moves. This part would be to act as a crossbeam and separate the cables, ensuring that nothing happens, and the robot moves as smoothly as possible. To build the part, we used Fusion 360 version 2.0.9439. We drew our idea in 2d, extruded to 3d, and fileted the ends to make it smooth and not as sharp. This project helped our team learn about the engineering design process, and the steps needed to make a successful product. I am sure we will all use 3d designing software in the future, whether it be to design a part again or design a robot. 3d designing can help people with limited resources build a successful robot, by saving time and resources as well as allowing them to experiment freely. 


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