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Polycarbonate X-Drive Gusset


Entry ID #: 9367
Created: Thu, Dec 31, 2020 1:07 AM

With the evolution of the VEX robotics competition, teams around the world have been endlessly optimizing established knowledge as well as implementing new methods to increase their competitive edge. One of the gateways for many new VEX teams to begin fabricating custom components is through the use of legal plastics such as polycarbonate. By utilizing polycarbonate and other plastics, teams can create unique components with specific holes rather than the standard increments provided by VEX metal for intakes and other mechanisms on robots. However, with the flexibility of parts created from plastics, many teams have begun to question the usage of materials such as Lexan ("Should Lexan usage be banned" - Vexforum) because of the ability of certain teams to CNC or machine their plastics. In this submission, VEX U Team EZ will be designing and fabricating polycarbonate x-drive gussets in order to show teams how they can produce their own plastic components without the use of a CNC.

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