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How Parkway West is Helping Combat STEM Exclusion


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Created: Thu, Dec 31, 2020 9:27 AM

There is a large problem in the STEM workforce. It's not balanced in terms of race, gender, and disabilities. There are fewer women in the STEM workforce than in the general workforce, and white people make up the majority of workers in STEM. However, Parkway West High School is working to combat this with our competitive robotics teams. Our all female team's video goes over the issue in terms of the wider workforce, how the issue can be seen at our school, and how we are working to combat it and improve our statistics. 


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This video, made by team 5430V goes over the issue of exclusion in STEM as seen in the wider workforce, and locally within our school. It then discusses how we, as a robotics team, have been working to combat exclusion in STEM and get more women and minorities interested in STEM.