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Bringing Robotics to Girl Scouts in Our Community


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Created: Thu, Dec 31, 2020 10:53 AM

STEM has become a vital part of today’s world, and the many aspects that make us different do not define whether we should be introduced to STEM or not. Our team has tried to identify inclusivity issues within robotics and make a positive difference.  We didn't just talk about it, we DID SOMETHING about it!  What did our team do?  Realizing that young girls in our community haven't had much exposure to robotics, we decided to reach out to our local Girl Scouts and taught them how to do VEX Code VR!  The Troop Leader was so grateful for our help, and we felt empowered that our young age couldn't stand in the way of us making a positive impact in our community!


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Team 92620A would like to welcome you to watch our video where we not only talk about Inclusivity, but we also doing something about it by helping Girl Scouts in our community learn about VEX Code VR. Enjoy!