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The Unite Online Challenge Sponsored by Google

The Unite  Online Challenge is an opportunity for students to engage in recognizing that they have the power to make a positive difference.  VEX teams can become leaders of change by making their programs more inclusive and validate that learning about STEM is more important now than ever before.


The Unite Online Challenge will be awarded to schools or organizations that demonstrates why robotics needs to be inclusive and not exclusive and what they are doing to help.


Video should promote the school or organization and how you are working to promote inclusiveness in STEM.  We want to see how your teams collaborate to enrich experiences for everyone. Share with us areas identified as exclusive, your plausible solution to changing that and your vision of an inclusive future.


Project Unite


This is Space Cookies VEX team 1868N's entry in the Unite Online Challenge where all of our team members show you the orignal pupose and goals of Space Cookies from its creation to today, using the style of a movie trailer/clip.  

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A Team United to Encourage Women in Robotics


2772J stems from the organization Think Fast Robotics, which is devoted to the mission of inclusivity and diversity in STEM, particularly in robotics and engineering for Women.

Our team has a long and powerful background in robotics, having started with our local school team and then moving on to pursue our missions. Our high school team is a male-dominated team with less than 10% female representation. Consequently, the atmosphere has evolved to be uncomfortable and unaccepting for girls looking to explore their stem interests. 

United by these challenges that we...

Resilient Force

Kristen Alecxih

In this video, we explain our solutions towards inclusiveness within our program and community. 

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Change for the better


We are a VRC team located in Ireland. Our video explains how we changed for the better by turning our all-male VEX team that limited members to specific tasks, to an inclusive mixed team that encourages people to take part in every aspect of STEM. It’s amazing how much better our team now functions, what we have achieved since the change, and how we, all the members, now think differently to the narrow way we perceived things before.

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How Parkway West is Helping Combat STEM Exclusion


There is a large problem in the STEM workforce. It's not balanced in terms of race, gender, and disabilities. There are fewer women in the STEM workforce than in the general workforce, and white people make up the majority of workers in STEM. However, Parkway West High School is working to combat this with our competitive robotics teams. Our all female team's video goes over the issue in terms of the wider workforce, how the issue can be seen at our school, and how we are working to combat it and improve our statistics. 

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6546B - Unite Online Challenge


Throughout this video, our team demonstrates what the term inclusivity means to use and how we represent it throughout our team and our student body. 

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214A Unite Video


Thank you for considering our video for the Unite Challenge Award! Throughout the video we talk about problems and solutions our team encounters, and much more!

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DRC Unite


Unite everyone to make tomorrow’s world better place than yesterday 

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Thing One and Thing Two: A Duo United


Thing One and Thing Two: A Duo United showcases teams 97101G and 97101W from American High School have worked together to become more inclusive. In the future, we hope to expand our reach and do more to support our community. 

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Wrong Challenge


we accidentally tried to sumbit the wrong challenge

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Bringing Robotics to Girl Scouts in Our Community


STEM has become a vital part of today’s world, and the many aspects that make us different do not define whether we should be introduced to STEM or not. Our team has tried to identify inclusivity issues within robotics and make a positive difference.  We didn't just talk about it, we DID SOMETHING about it!  What did our team do?  Realizing that young girls in our community haven't had much exposure to robotics, we decided to reach out to our local Girl Scouts and taught them how to do VEX Code VR!  The Troop Leader was so grateful for our help, and we...

36637A - Suez STEM for Petrochemicals


Suez STEM for Petrochemicals (SSP) was established in September 2013 by the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, Misr El Kheir Foundation, and Exxon Mobil to develop technical schools, which helps in creating a generation of innovative, productive individuals, who are capable of competing nationally and internationally. SSP is located as a department at Suez Advanced Technical Industrial School.

There are some features for SSP:

- The first STEM high technical school (Five-year system) applies STEM concepts.

- Accepting students...

Inclusivity through Engineering Electives at Our...


We are team 92620B, a team of two students known as Ismail and Musa. With all that has been happening this year, it really got us thinking about how robotics is very exclusive, which leaves other people out. Upon finding this Online Challenge, we decided to enter it. We decided to inform others about the solution of exclusiveness at our school, and how it is enhancing the school’s engagement with the students. The two goals we sought in this video is to inform others about the importance of inclusiveness, and how bringing students together to learn about S.T.E.M is really important...

Even COVID-19 Can't Stop 92620D from Being...


Hi, we are Team 92620D from JTMS. We created this video in hopes that people will start to be more inclusive in their clubs. Many people are discriminated and that needs to change. We discovered ways that people were discriminated by giving out a survey and we found a lot of information.  We realized that these clubs could learn from the ways that the Coaches of our Robotics Team have addressed inclusivity to help us build relationships with our teammates in spite of COVID-19!

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8995E is promoting robotics inclusiveness, one...


Metea Valley Robotics Team 8995E is fixing the issue of exclusivity in Robotics, by creating and leading a Robotics Boot Camp to give an opportunity for all students to get involved in robotics.

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Past, Present, Future: How Inclusivity Has Become...


Inclusivity is defined as the practice or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized. We did research into the short history of our team and interviewed a few people to show how STEM has become more accessible to everyone over the years and how we will continue to promote inclusivity.


Created by Team 92620C: Michael Ing, Logan Hogue, Isabel Gan

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