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16610A 2020-2021 Community Challenge


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Created: Thu, Dec 3, 2020 6:10 PM

Due to our school and many other schools in Canada closing down their robotics programs, we started a non-profit organization STEM of Tomorrow dedicated to giving kids a quality education.  We started this term by launching 2 courses, Java and VEXcode VR. These courses which we taught ourselves gave 60 kids quality and lasting STEM education. Though STEM of Tomorrow was started due to the Pandemic we will continue to teach and operate the Non-profit in the future. We hope to give everyone quality STEM education. *Our Articles of Incorporation to prove that we are a legal Canadian non-profit is attached in the submission!  Our Website:  Our Instagram: @stemoftomorrow 

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This is the official 16610A 2020-2021 Online Community Challenge Submission


   Byong on 01/06/2021

Thanks for your kind contribution! My son likes the class. Hopefully your organization will have a successful future!

   hdgyru on 01/05/2021

I enjoyed attending your classes and had a fun experience. I have learned more about Java through the term and I am excted for the new term to begin.

   ericmao0606 on 01/05/2021

Thanks for everyones suport! I am very excited for the second term, see you guys soon!

   yuuub on 01/05/2021

Your free coding course opens a door to programming for my kids!Good job!

   moonpy on 01/05/2021

When my kid excitedly told me what she had learned after class, it made me so happy!

   fan618 on 01/05/2021

Programming is a must-have ability for kids now. It is a great honor for my son to participate in free and fun programming lessons. Proud of you guys!

   sherrylily on 01/05/2021

My daughter tried a lot of coding classes, but she didn’t like it and couldn’t continue learning. This free non-profit organization’s programming class actually made her like it very much. Thank you for your hard work.

   castleaa on 01/05/2021

My 10-year-old son is studying in the VEX code class and he likes it very much! on 01/05/2021

My 12-years-old daughter was in this coding class, it is her first time learn coding, she said it is awesome, she will recommend this online class to her friends and classmate. Thanks team member, good job! All the best team override.

   tianyao on 01/04/2021

Thank you very much for the help of stemoftomorrow in this special period

   hrg on 01/04/2021

Very good job, we benefited a lot

   bonniej on 01/04/2021

Thank you for your work for the community

   creamy on 01/04/2021

Your job is what we need most during this difficult period,thanks so much❤️

   anniewen on 01/04/2021

thanks for your contribution❤️

   lilyyong on 01/04/2021

Great contribution to the community