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Critical Error 33011X
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Created: Wed, Dec 30, 2020 9:38 PM

Critical Error Robotics (33011X) is an independent VRC team in North Carolina that has been serving our community for four years.   Critical Error runs local VRC events through the Triangle Robotics League (TRL). 33011X helps set up and run all league workshop, competition, and community outreach activities.  As part of these outreach activities, we have introduced thousands of people to competitive robotics by building portable clawbot and shooterbot demo competitions that we bring to local festivals and charity fundraising events, and we loan them to other local teams, schools and universities for their own Open House events and fundraisers. This year when the pandemic hit we found new ways to continue to serve our community. Last spring we created a spoof VEX game reveal video featuring some fun Easter egg collecting bots. Then over the summer we started a free, 100% student run VEX-VR coding camp for kids in grades 5-8 where they not only completed the curriculum online, but then got to watch their code come to life in our demo bots.   Finally this past December we conducted a robot-powered socially distanced holiday food drive by converting four of our demo bots into red LED-nosed reindeer and sleighs that we used to collect over 600 meals worth of food and financial donations from around our community.


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Please enjoy our video where we describe some of our community service activities before and during the pandemic.